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Sunday 12th April

Happy Easter Class Four! Today is Easter Sunday, so I hope you are doing some fun Easter things with your family (and eating lots of Easter egg chocolate too of course!). My family and friends have given me some lovely Easter gifts, so I'm feeling very spoilt. My Dad gave me a Malteser chocolate egg (Maltesers are my favourite chocolate!) when he came up to visit the week before lockdown - I might have eaten that one already cheeky My Mum sent me some chocolate carrots in the post, my sister sent me a hedgehog colouring book, Mrs Soley gave me a mini eggs Easter egg in my doorstep package last week and Mrs Pilgrim left me a package on the doorstep yesterday with a Lindt bunny and Malteser bunnies in. So I've got lots of nice things and am feeling very thankful and lucky to have such lovely family and friends.

Yesterday I went on a long walk. I had made my chocolate rice crispy cakes the day before and some Easter cards earlier in the week. I took them with me and left little packages on the doorstep for some of my friends - Mrs Pilgrim, Mrs Steele and Mrs Soley. The weather was amazing. I worked in the garden in the afternoon and did some more cooking in the evening - I made some more rice crispy cakes to give to my neighbours today.

I'm off on a long run in a minute as Sunday is always long run day, and what beautiful weather it is again today.

Have a lovely Easter Sunday with your family.

Love Miss Olver x


Perhaps you could sing some of these Easter songs we normally sing at school with your family today?

I'm a spring chicken

I'm a spring chicken - spring / Easter song for kids -- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos an...

Lord of the Dance

lyrics added so you can sing along

When I think about the cross