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Monday 1st March

Good morning Class Four! Here is a morning message from me:

Morning Message Monday 1st March

Here are some pictures from my weekend:


You might already know that it is World Book Day this Thursday. Because of this, all of your PE challenges this week are linked to books. They sound really fun, so I hope you enjoy working through them.

It's Monday, which means it's a proper workout for PE with Joe today. I'll be joining in at school and hope you'll be joining in at home too.


Start by working through the warm up video below. Pause the video when it says, work through the calculations and then watch the video to see if you are correct.

Monday Maths Warm Up

Today, you are going to be carrying on with your work on calculating the area of a shape. In this lesson, you will be learning how to calculate the area of a compound shape (a compound shape is a shape made up of more than one shape stuck together to create a larger shape).

Start by watching the White Rose video, but stop watching at 5 minutes 35 seconds, where it tells you to complete Questions 1-3. You are going to be doing this part today and then will continue with the video and the next set of questions tomorrow.

I've attached an answer document which shows all of my workings, so have a look at this is you're not sure how to work out the answers.

If you have time, or would like an extra challenge, have a go at the extension task below. You will be calculating the area of different letters by counting squares and then having a go at writing letters from your own name as compound shapes and calculating their area. I've attached answers so you can check your work.

10am Assembly Live

Mr Woolley will be doing a whole school assembly today at 10am on Google Classroom. Login as normal and then choose the Whole School Assembly link. I'll be watching from school too.


Last week, you learnt all about Mary Anning, one of the most famous paleontologists of all time. You also read the first part of 'The Fossil Hunters' story with Mrs Soley and thought about what equipment a fossil hunter might need.

For your silent writing this week, I would like you to write a diary entry after making an exciting fossil find.

You have three choices:

  1. You could pretend to be Mary Anning and write a diary entry about one of the amazing finds she made based on your learning from last week.
  2. If you have ever been fossil hunting and found an interesting fossil, you could think back to what it was like and write a diary entry for the day you found it.
  3. You could just imagine that you have found an amazing fossil and write a diary entry about it.

I have put some tips on your planning sheet to help you.

Today, I would like you to plan your writing, then tomorrow you will have time to write it as usual.


Today, you are going to start working on the next part of our topic - dinosaurs! 

Start by watching the video about Dinosaurs using the link below. Make sure you watch carefully, as afterwards you are going to answer some questions based on what you have learnt. I hope you find the video interesting - I did and definitely learnt some cool new facts!

Dinosaurs for Kids | Learn about Dinosaur History, Fossils, Dinosaur Extinction and more!

Next, I would like you to have a go at the activity below where you will be matching images of dinosaurs to their fossils. Look carefully at the shape of their bodies and their features to help you work out which image goes with which fossil photo.


This week we are looking at a different way of spelling the 'shuhs' suffix which is cious. Start by working through the Powerpoint to explore this spelling rule. I've also included it in PDF format in case you have problems opening Powerpoints.

Now have a go at the -tious and -cious activity below. You will need to turn the underlined nouns into adjectives by adding the suffix -tious or -cious.


  • If the root word ends in 'tion', use -tious.
  • If the root word ends in 'ce' or 'cion'. use -cious.

I've included an answer sheet so you can check your answers.

There is a mistake on the answer sheet - the answer for sentence 4 should be:

4. The decision about the goal was quite contentious.

Start practising your spelling sentences ready for your test on Friday.