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Thursday 21st January 2021

Mrs Mason's morning message 21.01.21

We made our bird feeders and hung them in the Class 1 garden!

And children at home made their own bird feeders too and homes for hibernating animals.

Letters and Sounds

Let's start with a song.


Still image for this video

Practise your sounds using Flash Cards Time Challenge on Phonics Play.  The user name is jan21 and the password is home. Click on the "individual graphemes" button and select a few sets of sounds to practise.  They will keep being reshown throughout the whole one or two minutes.  See how many you can read correctly in a minute.

Now click on the link below and watch lesson 3.  If your child is secure with the sounds that have been practised during the last 2 days and is confidently reading words with the letter s on the end, why don't you instead play the game "Make a Match, weeks 1 to 3 on Phonics Play" and then read and write out caption 3 on the caption clips game on and then try writing it again without the computer's help sounding each word one at a time and remembering finger spaces.

Number Time

Let's start by singing with Mrs Miller 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer

5 little men in a flying saucer

Today we are going to be thinking about the size of objects and whether they are big or small.  You are going to need a matchbox if you have one or small container to carry out the activity after the lesson.  Today's lesson is Alive in 5, week 3, session 4.  If you would like to challenge yourself, why not give each item a point value of 1 but if they are red, green or blue they get 2 points and if the are my favourite colour yellow, they get 3 points each.  Use a sheet of 10 frames to help you work out the total.  I wonder who will get the most points in the class - send over your scores!
What is the weather like today?  Don't forget to fill in your weather chart.

Bat Learns to Dance Story Telling

Today you can sing along to the song "There's a worm at the bottom of my garden" and then mime out the bat story with Adam.

Birds - Owls

With the Big Garden Bird Watch approaching, we are going to be finding out about different birds and today we will start focusing on owls.  Listen to the story below called "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell.

Owl Babies | Books for Toddlers Read Aloud

🇺🇸Buy Owl Babies on Amazon US now -🇬🇧Buy Owl Babies on Amazon UK now - Babies By Martin Waddell & Patr...

Owl Art
Mrs Miller has made a video for you to watch so that you could make your own Owl Babies art work. Listen carefully and follow the instructions and you could make a picture that looks just like the front cover of the book!

Owl babies art