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Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good morning everyone,


We're half way through the week and it's not raining yet!!!!  We looked at the wormery again at school yesterday and this time were happy and surprised to see a couple of worms wiggling around on the top and  one making its way down the side of the bottle which really brought a gasp of wonder and a massive smile from everyone.  If you haven't made one, and you've got some sand and soil at home, it really was a quick and easy thing to do and interesting for the children to observe.  

Have a good day everyone.


I've also found out about another online phonics service provided by the DFE.  It's been running since April and can be found at the link below.  It is quite a bit longer than the Read Write Inc lessons, but the teachers are not quite so animated.  You could always forward on bits you are not interested in - worth checking out if you are struggling with phonics and reading with your child.  There is also a list of what sounds each lesson covers and you can select from the past lessons what you would like to cover.


Also on the Oak Academy site, there is always an English lesson every day for Reception.  At the start of this English lesson for a few minutes, the teacher always does some phonics inputs first.  They are presented in a very simple way, always concentrating on individual sounds, no digraphs and trigraphs, and then blending and reading words.  You might find this a bit a more manageable if your child needs some more straight forward teaching.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your letter sounds using the powerpoint below.

Now practise reading your tricky words and high frequency words using the powerpoint below.  You can also practise the ones we have been learning  for longer with Geraldine too.

Two of our tricky words start with wh, we looked at them last week and they are what and when.  These are often used to start questions.  If we write a question, we put a question mark at the end instead of a full-stop. 


See if you can write the following two questions with a question mark.

What is it?

When is it going?


Then let's have a little practise of reading a few more CVCC words.  This time, the vowel is a vowel digraph so will have two letters to make the vowel sound.

Now we are ready to write the second page of our book.  Open up the piece of paper from yesterday that had Monday's and Tuesday's parts of the story and divide the second page in the same way and write similar sentences for Wednesday and Thursday with the character changing into different coloured objects.
If you want to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on the Read Write Inc link below.

Number Time

Do the Oak Academy Wednesday maths lesson.  Today it is all about halving.  


Now have a go at the Day 3 Princess and the Wizard activities.  Today's activities are all about playing some counting games - there is hide and wizard - see if you can count backwards from 20 each time you're the wizard and also the game what's the spell Mr Wizard - lots of fun today and brothers and sisters can join in too.

Learning about Minibeasts

Another insect which we see a lot at this time of year is bees and we often see them flying in and out of flowers.  Watch the Minibeast Adventure video below to see what you can learn.  

You can also find out more information about bees by listening to the story below.
Yesterday, you created the life cycle of a ladybird.  Although bees look and behave very differently to ladybirds, their life cycle, form birth to adulthood, is very similar.  Have a go at making the bee life cycle wheel and see if you can spot the similarities.  
You could also have a go at making patterns and pictures in hexagons like the bees live in by colouring in different segments.