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Monday 6th April

Good morning Class Four!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and managed to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday? I went for a lovely long run yesterday morning around Stoke Park Woods and then along by the River Itchen up to Allbrook. It was so peaceful and quiet, the sun was shining and I saw lots of cows, squirrels and birds. In the afternoon, I did some gloss painting (I hate gloss painting! It takes ages and has a very strong smell which gives you a bit of a headache!). I managed to paint the last coat on the under stairs cupboard door and the first coat on the inside of my main house front door, so still have one coat to do there.

There are still a couple of you who I didn't hear from last week, so don't forget to send me an email ASAP to let me know what you've been up to and share some of your learning with me please.

Have a lovely day, Love Miss Olver x

Here is a message from Mrs Soley:

Good morning Class 4,

What a gorgeous weekend!  Mr Soley and I have spent a lot of time in our garden this weekend.  We have been planning a decked area for a large plant we currently have planted in the ground in the back garden as well as some general tidying and trimming.  We enjoyed eating our lunch out in the garden, something we haven’t been able to do yet this year.  I have made a granary loaf which I aim to enjoy with the pea soup that Daniel made last week, he kindly sent us the recipe so that we could try it out.  Photos to follow.  Please feel free to share any recipes that have worked well for you and your family, if we can, we will have a go at making them too.  You will notice that a couple of recipes will go up this week for you to try.  They are not really cooking as such more assembly but as ingredients might be difficult to get hold of I have, of course, reflected this in what you might be able to make.  Obviously, we enjoy seeing all your cooking, whatever you have been able to do.  Don’t feel you have to follow these recipes, just show whatever you can.  Here is a list of what you would need if you are able to make this week’s recipes:

For the mini quiches

This makes 24 so feel free to reduce this down depending on whether you have eggs etc.

6 eggs


Salsa/pickle or chunky relish of your choice

Cheese (grated)

Salt and pepper

For the lasagne

Tortilla wraps



Passata/chopped tomatoes (optional)

Leftover vegetables eg. Peppers, broccoli, mushrooms or whatever you have

Miss Olver will kindly put up the recipes this week (the quiche one went up on Saturday so you can find that one already) and I will also be making these so will put up some photos as well so you can see how well (or badly) I did. 

Enjoy your Easter challenges and any cooking you do.  Catch up with you all soon.

Lots of love

Mrs Soley x

I will still be doing PE with Joe each day as he is continuing Monday-Friday through the holidays, so you might want to take part too.

Activity 1

Mrs Soley has prepared a lovely Easter card making activity for you. See the instructions, YouTube link and photos below.

Activity 2

I'm sure you've all heard of the term 'Spring Cleaning'? There's something lovely about doing some cleaning in the Spring so that things are all ready for the Summer. See if you can help with some Spring Cleaning at home. Here are some things you might want to do:

  • Tidy your bedroom, dust, hoover, wipe down surfaces
  • Wash your pushbike/the car
  • Scrub outside patio/path/decking
  • Wipe down the kitchen surfaces
  • Dust/hoover around the house

I'm sure your parents will be very grateful of any extra cleaning you can help with and you will feel positive afterwards for doing something kind smiley