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Monday 25th January 2021

Good morning Class 1

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend? What amazing and exciting weather! Did you go and make some memories in it?

 It certainly was very chilly on Saturday. As the sun was shining, I decided that we should go out for a lovely wintery walk with my dog Max. Hayden enjoyed following the Highway Rat trail in Bishops Waltham and Max had a fabulous time getting muddy! We even has a few visitors come and say hello as we rested on a bench for a minute or so. 

Look at my photos to see if you can see who visited us!

I could not believe my eyes on Sunday when I saw the snow! We took Max out again to see if he liked it and he did. Sadly, we did not have enough snow to build a snowman but we had lots of fun making patterns and looking at the pretty scenes it made.

See if you can spot some snow footprints in my photos. Can you guess who they belong to?


Have a fun week with your learning and I am looking forward to seeing you later on our Zoom call.

Love Mrs Miller


Good Morning from Mrs Mason

Still image for this video

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds by playing grab a giggling grapheme on the Phonics Play website. 

The User name is jan21 and the password is home. 

Choose the sounds you need to practise.  

We are going to be practising segmenting words in readiness for writing words, and for those children who are still finding it tricky to do this, it would be better if they could make the words by using either letter cards or magnetic letters as then they don't have to put all their energy into how to write each letter.  So below are sets of alphabet letters and sets of digraphs and trigraphs which we will be learning which you can print off if you need to. When printing them, select in the print menu 'print all pages' and also at the same time further down select '4 pages per sheet'.  This will make the letters a lot smaller and take up less room on the table and you won't churn out so much paper through your printer.  
Click on the link below to see Mrs Mason introduce our new digraph ai.  You will need the following letters available on the table for your child to make words with p n m r t l s ai.
Try sounding out and reading the red high frequency words in the powerpoint below.  
10.00 Collective Worship with Mr Woolley


Practise writing two lines of the letter r on the hand writing sheet below.  Make sure you start at the top and go down the robot and back up his arm.  Try writing some on your own.  You'll need to print off page 53.

Number Time

Today we are moving onto a new set of lessons called "Growing 6-7-8" and we will be watching session 1.  Today is focusing on what the number 6 looks like as a numeral, and how the amount 6 can be shown in different ways.  Before you watch the lesson, listen to the story "Six Dinner Sid" who is a cat that visits six houses every day and eats six meals every day!  See what happens to him in the story and see if you can notice and count how many different times in the story we encounter the number 6.

11.30 Zoom Meeting with Mrs Mason, Mrs Miller and Mrs Dawson
What is the weather like today?  Did you complete your weather chart for Saturday and Sunday?  I think most days were different types of weather last week.  Let's start a new weather chart for this week and see if the weather is different and whether we get any more snow. There are links below for new charts and more weather pictures if you need them.  I have also put them in the Miscellaneous Resources section of the Class 1 web page too.

Story Telling - Bug Learns to Dance

First of all you are going to sing a couple of songs and guess a couple minibeasts from clues.  Then you are going to take the first steps into turning the story 'Bat Learns to Dance' into a new story about a beetle who is hungry.


This week is the Big Garden Bird Watch which you can take part in from home between Friday 29th and Sunday 31st January.  We are going to timetable it in for Friday.  Basically you need to spend some time in your garden or looking out of a window and note down how many different birds of different types you can see.   So today we are going to find out exactly what a bird is.  There are two videos to watch - the first has lots of clips of different live birds and information, and the second is a short animation explaining what  makes a bird a bird and then there is a quiz afterwards.  See if you can tell your adult at the end exactly what makes a bird and ask them to write this down for you.  Then underneath, have a go at drawing a bird yourself making sure it has all of those things it needs that lets us know it is a bird.  I'd love to see what your birds look like so send a photo over if you can.

Cooking with Miss Newton on Thursday

Hello Everyone, 

This week we will be doing Rainbow Spaghetti for our cooking but please look out for it on Thursday afternoon rather than Friday as Mrs Mason has another job for you on Friday afternoon. I feel it will be more like a science lesson than cooking but i thought it would be fun to see what happens.

You will need:

200g Spaghetti (or more if you would like t cook it for your family) 

Mixture of food colouring.

It is quite simple this week but I hope we have magical results! I can imagine Hansel and Gretel enjoying this spaghetti in the gingerbread house.

From Miss Newton