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February 2023

We have been learning about birds and owls this month and the children went down to the woods to build a nest for an owl to live in.

We all had a go at making binoculars on the day of the Great School Bird Watch and then we went out in groups to see what different birds we could see sitting in the school grounds.  We saw crows, pigeons, black birds, wagtails and a robin, and various other birds flying overhead.  We also saw a pair of crows sitting on their nest up high in a tree.  

Today, one of the children told the class about a dinosaur he had found out about in a museum, a mosasaurus.  He had made a model of it and he knew it was bigger than a t-rex but we were not quite sure how big that was.  We looked up its size and it was 17 metres in length.  The class then came and measured how long 17 metres was with a metre stick, marking each metre with chalk on the ground with chalk, and the children laid down between the measurements to illustrate what a big dinosaur it was.  It was huge!!