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Wednesday 15th July 2020

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all well today.  We are still very interested in minibeasts at school and Charlie found 9 caterpillars in his garden and brought some of them into school for others to see yesterday.  They are bright green and velvety soft.  I wonder if you can find out what type of butterfly they will change into.

Have a lovely day everyone (not long to go now!!).

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds using Grab a Giggling Grapheme.

Practise writing x and z on handwriting sheet (page 14).  Remember to zigzag down the zip for z and down and the arm and leg and repeat the other side for x.
Practise reading a mix of tricky words and three and four lettered words using the link below.
Now read the CVCC words on the I Spy sheet below and join them with different coloured lines to their pictures.  Then see if you can write the words for the remaining pictures.  Remember, they will all have 2 sounds after the vowel - 4 sounds in total.

Number Time

Watch the Oak Academy Wednesday maths lesson.  Today it is about

Now do the day 3 How Many Legs activities and see if you can add different amounts of legs together.

Minibeast Sorting Activity

We really have learnt a lot about minibeasts this term.  But what do minibeasts have in common and what things make them different from them each other? Watch the short minibeast clip to remind yourself of different minibeasts and what they look like.  Next, take a look at the pictures of the different minibeasts and talk to your adult about those similarities and differences.  Then have a go at the sorting activity - make a group of minibeasts on one leaf which have legs and another group of minibeasts on the other leaf without legs.