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Wednesday 20th January

Morning Message Wednesday 19th January


Here is today's challenge. You will need a partner for this challenge - this could be a member of your family, or, you might be able to do it with a friend over the phone or on Facetime if you're allowed.

I'll be joining in with PE with Joe at home today, I hope you will be too.


As it's Wednesday today, I would like you to do your Times Tables test. Click on the link below to find the times tables test you need (if you're not sure, send me an email and I'll remind you!). We normally have about 5-6 minutes for this in class as the grids have lots of questions on. Once you've finished, click the answers link and then you will be able to mark it - let me know how you get on so I can update it on my tracker. Good luck!

Today, we are going to carry on with our work on short division. In this lesson you will look at what happens when a short division calculation has a remainder. Watch the video, work through the worksheet and then check your answers. The answer sheet is not very detailed, so I have attached my workings for Q2-6 in case you find it tricky and want to see how I worked these questions out. There are lots of possibilities for Q7 and 8!

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the extension task below and then check your answers.


Last week in RE, you thought about possible reasons why Jesus came down to Earth.

During his time on Earth, Jesus taught his disciples how to pray to God. He taught them a very famous prayer known as The Lord's Prayer. Christians all over the world still say this prayer regularly today. We often say it together during our services at the church.

Some of the words and lines in the prayer are a bit difficult to understand because the language used is quite old fashioned. Today you are going to be thinking about what each part of the prayer means and sharing your understanding of it.

Start by reading through the Powerpoint below.

Now I'd like you to share your understanding of The Lord's Prayer. On the sheet below, I would like you to draw a picture to represent each line of the prayer and then write what each line means in your own words. If you're not sure, have another look at the Powerpoint.


Mrs Soley has planned another great art session for you this afternoon. Today you will be drawing or painting your own Mayan warrior.

Start by watching the video below to find out some more information about Mayan warriors.

Then open the document below which has all the instructions  for this task.

Remember to email in your picture so Mrs Soley can see your creations!

2.45pm Story Time Live

At 2.45pm, you can join our Google Classroom session online. Today, I'm going to be reading you a story. You can use the chat bar to get involved and share your ideas about the story with the class.