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Thursday 18th June

Morning Job



Reading and phonics

Read some pages or even a whole book from Bug Club. Remember to answer the bug's questions so that you get the coins for your treasure chest. Then look at the reading below, choose the reading level which is best for you. 




Year 1:

Yesterday we learnt how to make arrays and use them to find the total. We are going to continue using arrays today and learn to use them to solve multiplication problems. There are quite a few different activities to do today: a video, an interactive activity and two worksheets. You might want to spread the activities out over today and tomorrow.

Did you finish all of the extra challenges from yesterday? If not, carry on today:

Year 2:


Today you are going to pretend to be a scientist explaining how you did the experiment and what you found out by doing it.

You could do this very simply by telling someone, or you could make a series of drawings. Or, if you wanted to do some acting, you could dress up as a scientist and film yourself explaining your work!