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Wednesday 26th January 2022



Last week in English we did some fact finding about the Great Fire of London because we were asked to write a newspaper report on what happened. Today I would like you to have a look at the lesson presentation up to page 5 below to remind yourself of the features of newspaper reports and then I would like you to write down some ideas on the planning document. First of all can you come up with a short, snappy headline. Maybe something like 'London's burning!'. Then try and put some ideas in each section. You don't need to write in full sentences today. For example in the 'Who?' box you might just write Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farriner (the baker), people in London.


Those of you that were at school for our fact finding won't have your note sheets at home and some of you who weren't at school might not have felt like doing the fact finding so the fact cards are below to help you. Just do your best. Tomorrow you will use your planner to have a go at writing your own newspaper article.



Year 1:

Yesterday, we were using apparatus to make doubles. Today we are going to find doubles by drawing pictures. Click on the document below and have a go at completing the table to represent doubles in different ways:

Now have a go at the activity below. You have to copy the dots onto the blank side of the dominoes and then find the total.

If you would like a challenge, have a go at this problem:

Year 2:

We have been doing lots of learning about multiplication. We have learnt how to recognise, make and add equal groups. We have learnt what the multiplication symbol (x) means. We have learnt to represent multiplication problems with apparatus, pictures and repeated addition. Today, I would like you to show me what you have learnt and complete this multiplication worksheet. Have a go at each of the questions. Spend about 30 minutes doing this. Stop after 30 minutes, and you can carry on tomorrow.



Year 1: Click below for your phonics lesson. Today we are learning a new sound - 's' or 'si' making a /zh/ sound like in the words 'measure' and 'vision'.

Year 2:


Today we are learning how to change verbs from the present tense to the past tense.  What is a verb? Click on the link below and watch the video at the top of the page.

Now we are going to practice changing some verbs from the present tense to the past tense by adding -ed to the end of the verb e.g. follow becomes followed. Have a go at the worksheet below:



In our topic lesson today we are learning about the country we are living in. Do you know what country we live in? That's right, we live in England in the United Kingdom. The first thing I would like you to do is to look at the below photos and work out what town or city you think these photos are from.

Now have a look at the below Lesson Presentation to learn more about the place the photos were taken.

Can you find London on the below map?

Look at the below Lesson Presentation to learn a bit more about some other cities.

Now compare Upham with London using the photos below of town and countryside and the Venn diagram below. Things that are similar go in the middle of the Venn diagram (where the two circles overlap) and things that are different go under either Upham or London.

We've been learning about the Great Fire of London so below you will see a map of London with some of the landmarks marked in stars. See if you can find St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London. Remember St Paul's Cathedral was destroyed by the fire and they were worried about the fire getting to the Tower of London as gunpowder was stored there!