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Can I make inferences about characters?


Listen to the next chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate factory to find out who finds the next two Golden tickets.

As you listen and read, think carefully about how Roald Dahl shows what each character is like.  

Chapter 8

In this lesson, I would like you to look more carefully at the vocabulary and different ways that Roald Dahl shows the reader what the characters are like. I would like you to carefully read the text extracts about Violet Beauregarde, Mike Teavee and Veruca Salt. Then, pick out vocabulary that Roald Dahl has used to describe the character's appearance and how he shows what the character is like. Annonate each part of the text .


Watch my video where I look at the description of Augustus Gloop.

Character description

Can I use fronted adverbials?


Another chance to practice using fronted adverbials today. 


Watch the video below first then complete the worksheet attached. The answers are on the second page.

What is a Fronted Adverbial? KS2 Grammar Teaching Videos

Find animated learning videos and other great animations for teachers on Twinkl Go! about fronted adverbials in your K...