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Day 1 Class 4


Today I would like you to practice your Roman Numeral skills. First, work through the Powerpoint below to recap how Roman Numerals work. I've also included the 'cheat sheet' we used in class to help us with our work on this skill.

Then work through the Roman Numerals worksheet below. Remember that you can use the cheat sheet to help you. I've also included an answer sheet so that you can check your work.
If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the Roman Numerals date challenge activity below. Again I have included an answer sheet so you can check your work.


Over these two days of remote learning, you will be planning and writing your own story.

First choose one of the pictures below as a focus for your story. The pictures are all linked to our Maya Civilisation topic which we will be working on this half term. Don't worry if you don't know anything about this topic yet, you can still use the pictures to help you think of a story idea and you can be as creative as you like with your story. Perhaps you could imagine you are an adventurer and you come across one of these amazing temples? Perhaps the people in the picture have been transported there through a portal? What could the object on the right be? Is it magical? Haunted? Who could the strange characters in the picture be?

Once you have chosen which picture you would like to base your story on, complete the story mountain planning sheet below so that you are ready to write your story tomorrow.
If you want a reminder about what is needed in each part of the story mountain, have a look through the story checklist below.


As part of our RE work this half term, we will be looking at the time Jesus spent on the Earth and some of the parables he told his followers. Watch the video on the Oak Academy website which shares three of the parables Jesus told. Once you have watched the video, work through the quiz by pressing the 'Next' button.

Next, I would like you to share your understanding of one of these parables. Pick your favourite parable and then choose how you would like to share your understanding. You could:

  • Retell the parable by writing it in your own words
  • Create a video of the parable
  • Verbally retell the parable to a member of your family or record it as an audio recording
  • Create a story map with pictures and captions to show the key events
  • Create a piece of artwork linked to the parable


Spend some time doing some independent reading. You might want to :

  • Find out some more about the Maya Civilisation by researching this on the Internet
  • Read some more parables from the Bible to build on your RE work
  • Or you might just want to read a book you have at home.