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Day 1 Class 4


Today I would like you to work through 'The Thousands Game' activity below. This will help you to work on your number and place value skills.

Open the document below and work through the different tasks. I look forward to seeing how you get on and the ideas you come up with for new games like these!


Over these two days of remote learning, you will be planning and writing your own story.

First choose one of the two pictures below to use as a focus for your story. They are both linked to the work we did on the Amazon Rainforest as part of our Brilliant Brazil topic at the start of this academic year.

I have included a story starter for each picture which you may want to use, or you may prefer to come up with your own ideas.

Picture 1

Possible story starter for Picture 1:

It was another stiflingly humid day in the rainforest. The rain was a welcome and refreshing break from it. Dylan could hear a rumble of distant thunder: a sure sign that this was just the beginning of the storm. Holding a large leaf over himself, he sat comfortably on the tree stump. Raindrops drummed on the flat surface of the leaf like impatient fingertips but Dylan didn’t mind.


He stared into the forest, wondering when his companions would return…

Picture 2

Possible story starter for Picture 2:

Moments earlier, she had been standing in her classroom holding the tiny port-key up in her hand, waiting for the magic to happen. With a flash and a puff of smoke they had vanished into thin air.


The port-key had taken them to some strange places before but never to a rainforest. The problem with port-keys is that you never quite know where you’re going to end up!


They gazed around them and took in their surroundings; the stifling heat and cacophony of jungle noises put the children on edge - they would have to be exceptionally brave on this particular adventure...

Once you have chosen which picture you would like to base your story on, complete the story mountain planning sheet below so that you are ready to write your story tomorrow.
If you want a reminder about what is needed in each part of the story mountain, have a look through the story checklist below.