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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Morning Class 1,

I hope we all survived the rainy day and that some of you managed to find your waterproofs and just went out in it anyway or dodged the showers.  

Great news, we have the first Super Veggie helicopter story in our story gallery.  Well done Theo for telling us the story of Super Pepper and his super power of sniffing out baddies!!! Just go to the story gallery, click on Theo's story picture and you will see a lovely photo of Super Pepper with the accompanying story - it's great! I can't wait to hear more Super Veggie stories.  Theo has not only been busy with his Super Pepper story, but he has also made a really large dinosaur world out of cardboard and spent ages cutting out and painting it yesterday.  Have a look at it in our normal gallery and imagine it full of dinosaurs; I wonder what you could make with a cardboard box and a pair of scissors?  If you use any eggs today, hang on to a shell or two for tomorrow's egg activity!


If your child hasn't had a go at the Read Write Inc phonic lesson with a teacher yet, put the set 2 or set 3 video on and see how they respond to it.  If your child is still finding it hard to identify all their alphabet sounds then the set 1 video might be a good option as well.  The videos go through the same pattern of teaching each day and the first impression can be that they are slow and repetitive.  However, if your child is struggling to read some of their books as they become a little more challenging or they don't sit down willingly to do a writing task, or wait for you to do all of the work for a writing task!,  this could be just what they need as it is very hard for them to get it  wrong and repetition is how we learn. So they would have a sense of achievement and be learning without realising it. There are also videos further down the screen for parents which might be worth a watch if you feel you need more input on the reading and writing process.

Letters and Sounds

Click on the link below to practise all of your sounds.

Practise writing the words come, some, have, like, all.

Let's have a go at writing the word "are".  The easy part is the digraph "ar" at the beginning.  We just have to remember to put the sneaky e on the end.   Watch the are song and then have a go at writing the word are.  


Watch the alphablocks to recap the igh trigraph.

Now see if you can read some words with the igh trigraph in using the powerpoint below.
Now have a go at the roll and read game.  Print off or copy the game below.  Then roll the dice and read the word next to that number on the sheet.  If you get it right, colour over the top lightly.  Roll again and then read the word next to that number.  When you've coloured a whole line, you've finished.  If your child is coping with reading the igh words well, have a go at alternating the reading of the words with the writing of the words instead.  Keep the igh trigraph visible so they get the letters in the right order.  

Finally, choose a sentence from below to write: (have your sound card and word card next to you to help you).

It is tight.

It is dark at night.

Can you see the light at night?


If you would like to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on the link to the Read Write Inc lessons.  Today the set 1 sound is h, the set 2 sound is oo (look at a book) and the set 3 sound is oi.

Number Time

Watch the Oak Acadamy maths video wk 2, lesson 3 - exploring counting in pairs.

Now try the Night Pirates day 3 activity - going on a treasure hunt and making treasure maps.

Farm Learning

Take a look at the Tractor Ted film on cows.  Do you recognise any of the jobs he is doing from yesterday's programme?  Are there any new things about farming cows you can find out?

Did you know there were egg farms where chickens are kept?  Watch this Australian film about the 3 different types of farming that can be used to raise chickens.  Talk to you adult about how the 3 ways differ from each other.  How does the farmer look after his hens and keep them happy and healthy? Discuss what you think is good about each method and what you think is bad about each method.  Ask your parents to record your thoughts on the different farming methods and stick in your scrap books.  You could use the table attached or do it your own way.