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Can I use evidence to find out about the past?


On Monday, you started to find out about the Roman invasions. Today you will be learning a little bit more about the Romans invading Britain. You will already know a little bit about Julius Caesar coming to Britain with an army in 55BC. He returned again in 54BC with his army from Gallia (which is now called France) to investigate Britain. Living in Britain at the time were the Celts.


It wasn't until a hundred years later that Emperor Claudius led an invasion force which landed on the south coast. Gradually the country was conquered and occupied. 

 I would like you to first look at the picture of Caesar's army approaching the south coast on the first page of the attachment. I would like you to imagine that you are one of the Celts living in Britain. How would you feel as you saw the Roman army approach? 

What would you do? Would you try to fight the army or would you welcome them? Why would you do this?

If you would like to , you could try to set up a role play of this scene with some lego characters or other toys you have at home.



The next task is to read the extract below which is some of Caesar's thoughts about the Celtic people he met in Britain. 

What do you think that Caesar thought of the Britons he met?

Use the evidence in the text to draw a picture of one the Celtic people Caesar described.