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Friday 5th February

Good Morning

Good morning Class 2!


Happy Friday! I hope you've had a good week this week. You've had lots of lovely things to do this week and we've enjoyed seeing what you've been doing, such as the weaving and your Science investigations. This afternoon Mrs Hayward has put a video up for you to make your own Jack and the Beanstalk bookmark so enjoy getting creative!


Looking forward to seeing you in Celebration Worship this afternoon!


Have a lovely day.


Love Mrs Pilgrim x

Google Classroom Timetable

Here is our Google Classroom Timetable for next week. Please check this carefully as timings for these sessions may be different to those of your previous sessions. There are two whole class story sessions next week.  Orange, yellow and red groups have guided reading sessions next week. Blue and green groups have their sessions after half term. We will share the timetable for the first week back after half term at the end of next week.

Good Morning Class 2. Here is today's Hampshire School Games Daily Challenge:



Year 2:

Today you will be learning more about dividing by 5 and 10 and using your 5 and 10 times tables to help you do this. Watch the two videos below which will explain more. Then watch my video which shows you in more detail how to use a number line to help you. Then have a go at the below sheets. I have also provided you with some number lines.

Year 2 dividing by 5 and 10 using a number line

Year 1:


Today we will be learning about halving. Halving is the same idea as sharing something into 2 groups. It is important when halving that both groups are equal. For example if I have 2 cakes and I want to give half of them to my friend and keep half of them for myself, we will get 1 cake each. What if I have 3 cakes, can I give half to my friend and keep half for myself?


Have a look at the below PowerPoint which will explain this in more detail.

Like yesterday there are 3 different activities to choose from today with * being the easier of the three. I will also provide you with some problems to solve if you need an extra challenge!

PE 11:00 - 11:30 am


Remember to log in to our live PE lesson again today at 11:00 am. It seems that having a pair of socks handy to use as a beanbag is useful so remember those just in case! Enjoy!



This morning I would like you to write your spelling sentence. Watch the video below to hear Mrs Pilgrim reading the spelling sentences out. Remember you can email your finished sentence to our class email if you would like Mrs Pilgrim to mark it. She will send you a golden coin if you get them all right! Good luck!

Spelling Sentences

Reading Comprehension

I would like you to have a go at another reading comprehension today. As always, there are four different levels for you to choose from. If you did the yellow one last week, try the blue one this week. If you did the green one last week, try the orange one this week. If you are in Year 1, try and read the text by yourself but ask a grown up to help you read the questions. Year 2s, you should try and complete the whole paper independently. Remember to read each question very carefully!

Mighty Writing


Here is your Mighty Writing for you to plan over the weekend, ready for Monday:


Today you are allowed to play some games on Phonics Play. Click on the link to the website below. You will need to log in with the following details. Username: jan21 Password: home

You can choose which game you want to play and which phase.

Have a look back at the list of sounds that you chose to practice on Monday. You could choose some of these to practice today.


Year 1:

You all know phase 2 letter sounds and phase 3 digraphs. Phase 4 is adjacent consonants and consonant clusters. We are on Phase 5 at the moment and we have learnt lots of the sounds. Go for Phase 5 if you want more of a challenge!


Year 2:

You should choose Phase 5 or challenge yourself with Phase 6. 

Jack and the Beanstalk Bookmark

Mrs Hayward has been busy again! She has made a video to show you how to make a Jack and the Beanstalk bookmark. Enjoy!

Story time with Mrs Pilgrim


This afternoon Mrs Pilgrim is reading a book called 'I Like Myself' by Karen Beaumont. It's all about loving yourself for being you and appreciating that what's on the inside is so important. I hope you enjoy it.

Story time with Mrs Pilgrim

Spelling Sentences


Here are your spelling sentences to learn for next Friday (12th February).

Cooking with Miss Newton


Hello Everyone,

Today we are making Jack and the beanstalk themed cupcakes. Here are things that you will need:

  • 6 Chocolate cupcakes - either shop bought or if you want to make your own there is a recipe for them here Chocolate cupcakes recipe - BBC Food.
  • 4 Oreo or Bourbon Biscuits
  • Chocolate Frosting or Chocolate Buttercream
  • Green Fondant

I thought today you may like to have a try at being a little bit more independent with making your cupcakes. In order to do this you will need to find a space to work maybe in the kitchen or at a table.

You will need:

A large bowl

Two dinner knives or butter knives 

a rolling pin 

a chopping board or plate

The next job is to watch my video where I will explain how to do make the cupcakes. If you aren't feeling confident then of course you can have adult can help you and if your working independently, ask for help if you are finding things tricky.

Love from 

Miss Newton

NOTE FOR PARENTS: Even though I have asked the children to be as independent as possible please make sure an adult is available to supervise this activity.

Miss Newton's finished cupcakes.

A small message before you start.

Jack and The Bean Stalk Cupcakes