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Thursday 4th February

Good morning Class 2!


Good morning Class 2,


How did you get on with your Science yesterday afternoon? What did you find out? Which of your houses was the strongest? We are carrying on with RE later today and we will be thinking about The Lost Son story again. I hope you enjoy it!


You've all been working so hard in Maths. I can see you've been watching my videos and PowerPoints carefully so keep up the hard work. 


I hope you have a lovely day today and enjoy all of your learning.


Love Mrs Pilgrim x



Spot the difference

There are 2 more stories added today. I wonder if you know what they are?

Here is today's Hampshire School Games Daily Challenge:


Yesterday we read and retold the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Today you are going to read the same version of the story and then answer some questions about what you have read. There are three different levels for you to choose from: *, ** or ***.

Year 1s, you should do the * story. Have a go at reading the story with your grown up. Use your phonics to help you sound out any words you are not sure of! Then, your grown up can read you the questions and you can answer them.

Year 2s, you should do the * * story. Read the story and have a go at reading the questions independently too. If you get stuck reading the questions, ask a grown up to help you.

If you would really like to challenge yourself, have a go at the *** version!

Use the answer sheet to check your answers.



Year 2:

Today you are thinking about diving by 2 and using your 2 times table to help you. Watch the video below and have a go at the worksheet.

Year 1:


You are going to spend a couple of days learning more about doubling and halving. Today we will be concentrating on doubling. What does it mean to double something? If I have one sweet and I double it I will have 2 sweets. I could write this number sentence: 1 + 1 = 2. If I have 2 pencils and I double them how many pencils will I have? 


That's right I will have 4. I can write it like this 2 + 2 = 4.


Doubling something means I add the same number again. Have a look at the PowerPoint below which will explain this in more detail.

There are a few different activities to choose from depending on how confident you feel and what resources you have at home. * is the easier activity and requires paints and the domino template. *** is the harder activity. It says to use multilink but don't worry too much. Just use whatever you have to hand as you have been doing in the last few weeks.


I have also provided some problems should you wish to challenge yourself even more!


Year 1:

Over the last few weeks we have been learning how some graphemes can make different sounds in different words. We know that the letter 'c' can make a hard or soft sound. Click on the video to watch and listen to me reading some words containing different pronunciations of the letter 'c'.

Now choose one of the activities below to have a go at:

Year 2

On Tuesday, we learnt about question sentences and on Wednesday we learnt about commands. Today we are going to practice both of these. First, launch the Power Point and read through the slides. Stop at Slide 15 and have a go at the worksheet activity. There are three different levels for you to choose from.

Now continue looking through the slides of the Power Point. Stop when you get to Slide 18. You have done enough for today! Now you know all about questions and commands! 



Last week we read the story of The Lost Son. I would like you to read it again to remind yourselves of the story. Then I would like you to cut out the pictures from the story using the Year 1 and Year 2 documents below and put the pictures in the correct order (these will need a shuffle when cut). Year 2 I have provided you with a space underneath each picture to write a sentence to go with each picture.

This story is what we call a parable. This means it is a story that Jesus told to help people understand tricky things. Jesus told many other parables, not just this one. What do you think he was trying to help people with in this story? What did we say about the characters in this story and who they remind us of? Who did we say the father was like?


I think the father in this story is like God because he is loving, kind and forgiving. He forgives the youngest son for leaving him and his other son and for spending all of his money. He does this because his son realises he has made a mistake and tries to make up for what he has done and apologises and his father sees this.


Who do you have in your life that is loving, kind and forgiving?

Below is a document with an outline of an adult. You might choose to think of your mum, your dad, a grandparent, an auntie or an uncle or a family friend.

  • On the inside I would like Year 1 to draw pictures to show how your grown up says and shows that they love you. For example: they cook for you, they help you with your home learning, they read you a bedtime story, they cuddle you when you are sad or you have hurt yourself. Year 2 I would like you to also add labels to your pictures.
  • On the outside I would like Year 1 to draw pictures to show how you say and show that you love your grown up. For example: you draw pictures for them, you help them unload the dishwasher, you tell them they look nice, you say please and thank you when they do things for you. Year 2 I would like you to also add labels to your pictures.


I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


How are you getting on with the first 3 songs Class2?

I hope you are enjoying all of our singing sessions. Here is todays new song and it is one of my favourites! It is a rock type song with some air guitar so I hope you are ready to be a big loud giant!

Have fun

love Mrs Miller x

Fe Fi Fo Fum song

Story time With Mrs Miller

Listen to Mrs Miller reading Peace at Last. Enjoy!

Peace at last story