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Tuesday 2nd February 2021

A morning message from Mrs Mason 2.2.21

Why not start off your day by watching Mrs Hayward's film on birds that visit her garden.  She made it for Class 2 really, but I thought it was just right for us too as we have been learning about birds and watching them in our gardens too.


Letters and Sounds

Join in with the phonics song to recap your letter sounds.

Watch the oa episode of AlphaBlocks

Now practise reading your tricky words by playing Tricky Word Trucks on PhonicsPlay.

User name: jan21

Password:   home

Choose Phase 2, all HFW (high frequency words) and see how you get on.  I wonder what colour truck you'll drive??!!

Now see if you can write the second page of your 'I can ...' book.  What will your book show that you can do today?  Maybe sit, eat, swim, run or something else.  You choose and don't forget to draw a nice picture showing what you are doing.  If you need a reminder of what to do, the video explaining is below again.

Number Time

Today we are going to be learning about pairs.  Listen to the story Simon Sock to get us into the right frame of mind.

Then watch the video below to see how children played the pairs game.  Then go on a walk and see what pairs you can find around the house or the garden.  We are watching Week 2, Session 2 of Growing 6,7,8. If you would like a challenge, take different amounts of bricks, counters etc and see if you can arrange them into pairs and count how many - does it always work?  Do you notice anything about the numbers that make pairs and the numbers that have one left out?


Trace over one more line of the letter b from yesterday, remember to start at the top of the boot, go down to the heel and then backup over and around the toe.  Then have a go at tracing over one or two lines of the letter k.  Now this is tricky, but if you can do a b correctly, you'll be able to write the k too.  Start at the top of the kangaroo, go down to its feet then back up half way, loop round its tail and kick out its leg.  You'll need to print out page 32 of the document below.

Story Telling - The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Today we are going to sing a song which tells the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and includes actions to help us remember.  Then it is time to draw a story map to remember the key events of the story - lots of goats and a big shaggy troll - roar!

Making a bird pictogram

Please use only pages 1 and 2 of the document below about making a bird pictogram.
To finish off the day, sit down and listen to the story "Oi Puppies" with Mrs Dawson.  See if you can spot all the rhyming words.