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Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning!


Yesterday, we started the day with a treasure hunt in our garden. Maybe your grown up could do one for you? Finley loved searching for each clue. This is the one that we did but there are lots of other ideas online!


Let me know if you have a go. Maybe you could ask your grown up to let you use a phone or tablet to take some photos!  I hope you have a good day :-)

Love from Mrs Sothcott xx


Today we are editing our Mighty Writing - editing is a really important skill. We often read out work as we think it is written, not as it is actually written. Sometimes we miss . or , or spell words incorrectly. All this makes it difficult for our readers to understand what we have written and enjoy our story. (I have had to do a lot of editing since we have been putting your work on the website!)

Try putting your fingers in your ears and reading your work aloud. You will notice where you need to change your work. 

Yr 1 Make sure you have described how the animals feel.

Yr 2 have you used conjunctions to make long interesting sentences? 



Year 1


Today I would like you to carry on with the Bee Fraction Challenges. Yesterday, you did 1-3 and today I would like you to do 4-6. Remember to use a bar model and some practical apparatus like Lego, beads or counters to help you. I would also like you to draw a picture to show how you solved each problem. Good luck!

Year 2


Follow the link below and scroll down to Lesson 4: Recognise a quarter. First, watch the video and then click on the activity to download the worksheet. Don’t forget to use the pages in your maths book to show your workings!



Decorate an Easter Egg


You can choose if you would like to decorate a real egg like we often do for our school Easter Egg competition or if you prefer, you could draw an egg shape on paper and decorate it.  

If you do a real egg you could stick things on, colour it in, paint it and even make a scene for it to sit in. Use your imagination! 

If you do your egg design on paper, you can still stick things on and use whatever materials you like to decorate it. Try to be as inventive with your design as you can!

I would love to see your eggs when they are finished. I know they might take a long time to complete so ask your grown up to send me a photo when it is finished. Finley is going to have a go at doing this activity too so I will post a picture on here when his is finished!

I am looking forward to seeing your egg-cellent, egg-citing designs!!