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Tuesday 9th February

Here is a morning message for you from Mrs Soley:

Tuesday message 9 Feb


Start your day with another attempt at this week's skipping challenge. Skip as many times as you can in 1 minute and record your score on the tracker.


Here is your daily challenge - this is one which will strengthen your core muscles!


Today, start by completing your Learn It challenge. Give yourself 2-3 minutes to complete it. If you haven't got one, send me an email and I'll send it across. Let me know how you get on so I can update my tracker and send you a new one if you pass ready for after half term. Good luck!

You are going to be carrying on with your learning on square numbers today. Start by watching the White Rose video below which will recap what square numbers are and then show you how to solve some reasoning problems involving square numbers.

Then work through the worksheet below. I've attached an answer sheet so you can check your work.

I've also attached my workings for Q9 and 10 in case you find them tricky and want to see the methods I would use for solving them.

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the square number reasoning task below. I've attached the answers so you can check your work.


Today, you are going to be writing either your myth/legend or your newspaper report. Make sure you have your plans in front of you to help you with your writing.


Option 1 - Mayan Myth/Legend

I found this lovely checklist which you might want to refer to before, during and after your writing. It has lots of prompts on which are specific to myth and legend writing.

I've also included the two myths again from yesterday in case you want to look at these for inspiration.

Option 2 - Mayan Topic Newspaper Report

I have included a checklist for your newspaper report which you might find helpful to refer to before, during and after your writing.

I have also attached the examples of previous end-of-topic newspaper reports which have been published in case you want to look at these for inspiration.


Today, you are going to be learning about Mayan writing whilst also practising your reading and comprehension skills.

First, read through the text. Then, work through the comprehension questions. Finally, check your work using the answer sheet.

Remember that you can highlight/underline the text if this helps you to answer the questions.

Tomorrow, you will be creating your own Mayan codex during your art session with Mrs Soley!


Today is your last lesson working on the 'ough' spelling pattern.

First, work through the 'check and correct' activity below. There is a diary entry which someone has written with lots of spelling mistakes in. See if you can spot them and correct them. Then check your work with the answer sheet.

Next, have a go at unscrambling the anagrams. They all spell words with 'ough' in, so that will only leave you a few letters to unscramble each time! I've attached an answer sheet so you can check your work.
Now start practising your spelling sentences ready for your test on Friday. As these are the last spelling sentences for this term, they have i before e except after c and ough words in to consolidate your learning.