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Wednesday 23rd April

Good morning Class Four.

I hope you are starting to get back into routine now and are enjoying your home learning. I hope that you are working hard on your lessons, but that you are also remembering to take breaks in between as this will really help you to stay focused.

A couple of you sent me your silent writing yesterday which was lovely to see. Don't worry if you haven't - they aren't due until Friday!

I had an interesting start to my day yesterday. I went out for my run and as I was running down Derby Road, a car swerved to avoid a dog who had run out in the road. There didn't seem to be anyone about so I managed to grab the dog's collar. There was a phone number on it, I rang it, but no response. When I tried it again, a lady finally answered. She said she was in bed and didn't realise the dog had got out. She told me where she lived so I walked the dog there - it was a couple roads away. When I got there, I knocked the door and the lady just said 'sorry, I didn't know he'd got out'. She didn't look relieved or happy and didn't even say thank you. I felt very strange afterwards. I knew I had done a good deed but I felt very sorry for the poor dog. It reminded me that as a pet owner you are very lucky and you have a lot of responsibility. It also reminded me how important it is to say thank you when someone helps you. Hopefully the dog is safe now.

The rest of the day was a bit boring as I was still cleaning the lounge, it's getting there! I did manage to clean off my piano though and spent some time playing my favourite pieces which was really nice.

I hope you all had a good day. Have a good day today, work hard, remember to take some breaks and remember to say thank you if someone does something kind for you. 

Love Miss Olver x

Here is a message from Mrs Soley:

Good morning Class 4, 

How can it be Wednesday already (hump day)?  So lovely to still be able to get out and about for a bit of exercise and to enjoy the fresh air.  Have you noticed how clean the air is without so many cars on the roads?  Also you can actually hear the birdsong.  

As you can see, I am still baking.  I decided to make some sultana cookies for a change.  They are very simple but tasty, crispy on the outside and a little softer in the middle.  The recipe is available if you would like it, just let me know.  I also made cheese and onion swirls a recipe from my daughter.  She made them for Jacob from a website for mums baking for their children.  They only have 4 ingredients and taste yummy.  Mr Soley and I tried one just out of the oven, very good it was too.  Some have gone in the freezer and we have some for a garden picnic at some point.  Again, the recipe is available if you would like to make them. 

It is very nearly my grandson Jacob's 1st birthday and his mummy and daddy have bought him a swing.  As you can see, they couldn't wait to give it to him but at least he is enjoying it in the lovely sunshine.  Mr Soley and I are thinking of buying him a slide to go with it and are busy searching the internet to find one.  I would really love to buy a wooden one rather than one made of plastic, there is already so much plastic in the world after all.  We have already bought two lovely books for bedtime stories which we hope to be able to read to him very soon. 

My last picture is of a Kalanchoe plant which Miss Olver and Mrs Bird bought me at Christmas.  I have been watering it regularly even though all the flowers had died off but yesterday I noticed a new flower had started to come out.  Then when I turned the plant around I noticed there were more buds coming.  I am so pleased as normally I'm not great with keeping plants alive but they seem to like my kitchen window ledge. 

It's quite breezy at the moment but we went for a bike ride when Mr Soley had finished work for the day.  Hope you are all managing to get out and about with your families. 

Catch up with you on Friday. 

Lots of love 

Mrs Soley xx


*I have added both of the recipes Mrs Soley mentions to our class recipe folder*

You might like to start your day with PE with Joe. Yesterday's workout was hard - although I enjoyed the coin toss, there were far too many tails and difficult exercises!


It is Wednesday, which means Beat That day. Hopefully you will still have some spare Beat Thats in your folder. If not, please email me and let me know which one you need and I can email it across to you. Give yourself 2 minutes to complete it. Then, if there is an adult free, you could ask them if they would mind kindly marking it for you, if not, you could mark it yourself with a calculator.

Year 5

Today you are going to be carrying on with your work on decimals, but moving onto ordering and comparing them. Go to the website below (White Rose Maths, Home Learning, Year 5). Choose Week 2, Lesson 2 ‘Ordering and Comparing Decimals’. Watch the video, then work through the worksheet. I have attached the answer sheet so you can check your work. Again, today’s session starts with ‘Flashback 4’ – which is a little bit like our daily warm up that we do when you come into class.

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, try these problems – they are similar to the pink ones we often have at school at the end of the session. I have spotted one mistake though in the answer sheet – on the final question, the picture of the number line is correct, but the numbers for B and C have been swapped! So use the number line picture to check your work, sorry about this!

Year 6

Today you will be continuing with your unit on Ratios. Go to the website below (White Rose Maths, Home Learning, Year 6). Choose Week 1, Lesson 3 ‘Introducing the Ratio Symbol’. Watch the video, then work through the worksheet. I have attached the answer sheet so you can check your work.

If you have time, or would like a challenge, have a go at the Ratio online Maths game below. In this game, you have to identify the equivalent ratios.

If you know the ratio is 1:2, then you can find an equivalent ratio by multiplying both sides by the same number (it’s a bit like finding equivalent fractions which we have done lots of in class). So 1:2 is the same as 2:4 (if you multiply both sides by 2), or the same as 10:20 (if you multiply both sides by 10) and so on. See picture 1.

Similarly, you can find equivalent ratios by dividing. So 3:9 is the same as 1:3 (because I divided both sides by 3). See picture 2.

Try this out for yourself on the game.


Make an entry into your diary/journal at some point today.


For today’s English session, I would like you to complete a reading comprehension task. The text is called ‘Facts About Greece’ so hopefully you will find out some new, fun and interesting facts about Greece whilst completing it.

There are three different versions of the task in the document below – all three are focused on Facts About Greece.

The easiest version – text is on Page 1, questions sheet is on Page 2, answers are on Page 3.

Middle version – text is on Pages 4-5, questions sheet is on Page 6, answers are on Page 7.

Hardest version – text is on Page 8-9, questions sheet is on Page 10, answers are on Page 11.

So think about how confident you are as a reader, then choose the version which feels right for you. Make sure you read the questions carefully and try to answer them in full sentences using the information from the text. If you don’t have a printer, just write the answers to the questions in your book.

As it is Wednesday, Mrs Kimble has set you a SPAG challenge activity. You can have a go at this activity even if you are not in her group smiley
She has also sent some photos to go with her challenge and to show you what she has been up to.


Today, I had planned for you to start your new RE unit on Belonging. Then, I realised that today is Earth Day – and it is a very special one because it is the 50th Earth Day which has been celebrated. We all belong here on Earth and I know how much you care about our special planet, so I thought we could use this session to celebrate Earth Day.


The website below has some great ideas of things you might want to do to celebrate this day. Talk to your family – is there something you could do together? I particularly like the idea of the nature collage and the seed bomb! Pick an activity to do and work through it, or think of your own way to celebrate this special day. Perhaps you could send me a photo of what you do and then we could create a Class Four Earth Day Celebration Photo Gallery.

Spellings and Reading

Make sure you practise your spelling sentences ready for your test on Friday.

Do some independent reading of a book of your choice.