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Friday 16th April

Good morning and happy Friday Class Four!

Another mostly nice day yesterday (not sure what that little shower was about just before lunch?!)

I had a busy day yesterday. I got up really early and went for a run round Lakeside - the lake looked so strange, it was like it was a boiling hot bath with steam coming up (see the photo) but I expect it was actually rather chilly! I walked Flash and then went to school for the day to look after some children who have key worker parents. I had a lovely day, some of us decided to do some painting, so I took a photo of one of the plants outside Class 2 then painted it - I was quite pleased with it and so I've cut it out and stuck it onto a card which I'm going to send to my Gran. I spent most of the afternoon tidying and sorting the classroom. Mr Buckley has cleaned all the classroom itself for us, so I was able to put away all the clean trays and resources in there. So yesterday I took everything out of the quiet area - including the bookshelf, there were some big cobwebs up at the top! So hopefully he can clean that for me then I can put things back when I'm in next week.

In the evening, I went out for the claps at 8pm. There were so many people out which was lovely to see. Then I did the Virtual Online Pub Quiz again. Lots of the other teachers played and so did my Dad. I'm not very good at quizzes so I lost, but it was really good fun.

I expect that lots of you will have heard the news last night that the government have decided to continue with lockdown for another 3 weeks. It's a very important decision and I think it is the right one to make sure that we keep everyone (including the important NHS staff) safe. It means we will be continuing with home learning for a bit longer, but hopefully you started to get the hang of that before the Easter holidays. We will go back to that on Monday, so I will put up a timetable for the week and a Maths, English and extra lesson each day from then on for you to work through.

For today though, here are the last activities for the Easter holidays if you want to have a go.

Remember - it is Friday today, so if you can, please send me an email to let me know how you are and what you have been up to. You can attach any photos of any fun activities you have been doing and if you have any messages for the Class 4 team (Mrs Soley, Miss Kimber, Mrs Kimble, Mr Arkinstall) please let me know and I will pass them on.

Have a great day, Love Miss Olver x

Activity 1

Another of Mrs Soley's yummy recipes!

Activity 2

I set a Maths murder mystery challenge last week and recently found a SPAG one! It follows the same set up, just tests your SPAG skills instead. Enjoy!