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Friday 1st May 2020

Pinch and a punch everybody!!!  Can you believe we are in May? 

Now I've checked the weather forecast and it says a tiddly spot of rain at 8 or 9 o'clock time and then another spot or so about 4 o'clock which means you can plan to get outside today and not just squeeze it in - hooray.  

The fantastic Super Veggie helicopter stories keep coming and have all gone into the Story Gallery.  Check out Super Pineapple Orange by Emi, Super Broccoli by Paige and Super Pineapple (Mr 'P') by Charlie and be prepared for some super action and a giggle!  We also have a Jungle Man story written and illustrated by Hugo which features many jungle animals with jungle super powers which also manage to save the day - take a look, you'll love it. 

It's Joe Wicks dress-up Friday today, I wonder what he will be dressed up as today?  Why not grab some fancy dress clothes and  join in with him as it will only be raining at that time!  I'm still taking part everyday and so is Mrs Dawson, Mrs Bird, Miss Olver, Mrs Millier, Mrs Sothcott and sometimes Miss Newton. We get to 9 o'clock and my phone starts pinging with messages of  "morning" or  "ready!".  Most of us stay in our living rooms, some draw their curtains but Mrs Dawson goes out to her garage every day, sometimes takes her dog too and pounds her way through in isolation!   

Mr Woolley has put up another lego challenge - make a cartoon or animated film character - that sounds tricky but Mr Woolley's dragon looks amazing.  Why not have a go and send him a photo of your character.  I wonder if anyone managed to make a racing car for an egg person yesterday?

Just one other thing, Maddie and Greg Goes Live is all about mini makers this week - lots of crafty ideas using bits and bobs from around their home - check out the loopy lifter they made  23 minutes into  episode 24 entitled "How to make a cardboard box maze and a loopy lifter".  I thought it really looked like a lot of fun to do.

So enjoy your day and have a happy weekend everyone.

Letters and Sounds

Practise reading your sound cards.

Read the words are, all, they and see if you can write them too.

Can you write boat and now goat, can you write cow and how and now, can you write night and light? Use your sound card if you need to .

Watch the Geraldine the giraffe video to recap the trigraph "ear".

Now click on the powerpoint link below to practise reading and writing some "ear" words.  It also practises the tricky word said - just remember the acronym "Sally Ann is dancing" to help you spell said.
If you would like to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on the Read Write Inc link below.  Today's sounds are set 1 j and set 2 or.

Number Time

Watch the Oak Academy Wk 2, lesson 5 video - investigating what can be shared into equal groups.

Now have a go at the Night Pirates day 5 activities, it's all about counting treasure today and singing songs!

Make a Lockdown Memory Tree

We have now spent six weeks at home and now seems like a good time to look back and reflect on how you have spent some of that time.  What things do you do that you really enjoy: What new things have you tried out? Is it a bonus being able to play with brothers or sisters?  Has it been good seeing babies in the family grow and develop? Have you done things to celebrate the good work of the NHS and others that have cared for us during this time? Are there things that you are grateful for?  How have you kept in touch with friends and family?  Have you learnt any new skills or done things you had never done before? Have you got photos of some favourite memories?  One of our class had a go at this during the Easter break based around the idea of the Easter tree.  I think it looks great and you can see it has been decorated with different shapes that hold memories written on them and reflect things they are grateful for too at this different time.  There are also different natural items found outside hanging from it.  

So today see if you can start to get things together to become a memory tree.  You'll need to find a nice branch of some sort, a jar or vase to hold it in and collect some bits and bobs from outside and maybe around the house also to decorate it with.  You could also make and draw your own decorations. Then draw and cut out some different shapes which can be written on to hold your memories. See if each person in your family can think of a memory message to add to the tree today.   Keep five by as I thought we could write a new memory every day next week.  Have a look at the pictures on your parents' phones of the last six weeks to remind you of some of the things you have been up to.  If you have a printer, maybe you could print a few small pictures off to add to your memory tree.  And you could add to it over time too.  


PE Dave has set a new challenge of how many jumping jacks you can do in 30 seconds - he managed 46, can you beat that score?  He also made a tin can alley with all the tins he's been saving - take a look and maybe see if you can make one too when you have enough cans.  The sports video this week is all about athletics - it covers running, jumping and throwing and looks like a lot of fun.  Go to the "Sport and Keep Active" tabs on the "News" section of our website to watch Dave's most recent video and to join in the fun.