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Thursday 30th April 2020

Good morning everyone,


It's looking bright and breezy outside at the moment but I can see grey clouds too - more rain I suspect.  It looks like many people have taken advantage of the rainy situation to have a go at their very first helicopter story and they are all very entertaining!  Take a look in the Writing Gallery to see Jack's Super Apple story, Nicole's Super Carrot story, Violet's Super Sweet Potato story and Esther's Supertato story.  Keep them coming so we can all enjoy them.  There are also other pictures in the main gallery of what people have been doing - someone in our class has been out silage harvesting so he has seen first hand how the silage is gathered to be used to feed the cows - take a look, you can really see how big these farm machines are. 

Now, the rainy weather has forced me to tackle sorting out my study which had turned into a massive dumping ground.  I have put it off and put it off and so I made a start yesterday.  However, I got a bit fed up with it so I thought, I know I'll make some cornish pasties! It's been a good 25 years since I've made cornish pasties but we were very pleased with how they looked - they actually looked better than they tasted but I am in the middle of collecting people's ideas of how to improve the taste - I will then make another batch with alterations.  I wonder if any of you took to cooking to fill up spare time during the rain.  Enjoy your day whatever you do.

Letters and Sounds

Sing some Jolly Phonics songs from the link below.


Read and write come, some, like, have, all and are.

See if you can sound out and write the words cow, her, church, boat, night - use your sound mat to help you.

Now look at the tricky word "they".  It's just like the word "the" with a y on the end.  Listen to your adult spell it out with letter names.  Now repeat the letter names back to them.  Now grab a small soft ball/soft toy or a balled up piece of paper and spell out the word by throwing the ball to each other, ie child throw to mum and say "t", mum throws to child and says "h" etc.  Try that a few times.

Click on the link below and play Dragons Den with the igh sounds.
Now have a go at reading some 2 syllable words - remember sound out the first syllable first and say it and then sound out the second syllable and say it and put the the two syllables together to hear the word.  All of the second syllables in this powerpoint are 'ing'.    Can you write any of the 2 syllable words now?  

Choose a sentence to write - don't forget to start with a capital letter and end with a full-stop.  Have your sound mat and word mat to help you.

We are singing.

The lights are bright on the cars at night.

At night, all of the owls are hunting and the stars are bright.

If you want to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on the link to the Read Write Inc lessons.  Today's set 1 sound is r and the set 2 sound is ar.

Number Time

Watch the Oak Academy Wk 2, Lesson 4 video - Counting in equal groups.

Now take a look at the day 4 Night Pirates activity.  This is all about making your own pirate ship that can hold 5 bits of treasure.  Now this treasure ship must be different from the boat you made last week for the evil pea - so if you used a margerine tub last week, you can't this week!  You also need to make a sail with a symmetrical pattern - all sounds a lot of fun.

Make a lego racing car for an egg

Get your lego out and see if you can make a racing car for an egg.  If you've got a book about vehicles/cars, have a quick look at the pictures to see what your car will need. Think about making it big enough to fit an egg in, what type of wheels are the best, what the body of the car will look like and how well it moves.  When you've got a spare egg shell, make it look like a person and pop it in your car. If you make two, you could race them. Have fun and share any photos you have.