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Day 2 Class 4


Today you are going to be doing some work to recap your negative number skills. 

You might want to watch the video below first to help you remember how negative numbers work (it is the third video on this page called 'Negative Numbers):

Now have a go at the 'Sea Level' activity below. Read each question carefully and try to imagine the lighthouse and supports as a number line on its side.

If you would like to do some extra work on negative numbers and you have someone at home who is free to play with you, then have a go at the 'Tug Harder' activity as well.

If you don't have two dice at home, you could create some 0-6 number cards to choose randomly from. If you don't have counters at home, you could make some, or just use some small objects to represent counters, e.g. a piece of pasta!


Yesterday you spent time looking at one of the pictures on the website and planning your story. Today you can write your story. You could do this by hand, or on a computer if you have access to one.


Have a look at the story writing word mats below. These have some really good word options you might want to use in your story to help you describe the setting and the character's feelings and characteristics.