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Friday 12th February

Good morning Class 2!
Here is the Google Classroom Reading Timetable for the first week back after half term. Please check it carefully as some of the timings may be different to previous sessions!



Year 1:

Today you will be continuing to learn to tell the time to o'clock. Click on the below link for your lesson which includes a quiz, a video and an independent task. I have also provided you with a follow up activity. In your follow up activity choose two colours to draw the hands on your clock. Use one colour for the long minute hand and one colour for the short hour hand. Use the same colours for each clock.

Year 2:


Today you are moving on to learning about telling the time to 5 minute intervals. If you have a clock at home have a look at it now and count in 5s around the edge of your clock. Watch my video to see me do it. My clock shows the minutes in small, blue numbers but yours might not.

Counting in 5s around a clock

Now have a look at the below PowerPoint on telling the time in 5 minute intervals. Today just go up to slide 13. You then have a worksheet to complete below.

PE 11:00-11:30


This will be our last live PE session this half term. As usual the link should be in your Parent Mail. Enjoy!



This morning I would like you to write your spelling sentence. Click on Mrs Pilgrim's video to watch her reading the spelling sentences out. Don't forget to let us know how you got on so we can send golden coins to you!

Spelling Sentences

Reading Comprehension

I would like you to have a go at another reading comprehension today. As always, there are four different levels for you to choose from. If you are in Year 1, try and read the text by yourself but ask a grown up to help you read the questions. Year 2s, you should try and complete the whole paper independently. If you did Purple level last week, have a go at Gold this week. It's quite tricky! Remember to read each question very carefully!

Celebration worship 1:30


This afternoon we have Celebration Worship with Mr Woolley at 1:30 pm. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of you there and celebrating your wonderful learning!


Today you are allowed to play some games on Phonics Play. Click on the link to the website below. You will need to log in with the following details. Username: jan21 Password: home

You can choose which game you want to play and which phase.


Year 1:

You all know phase 2 letter sounds and phase 3 digraphs. Phase 4 is adjacent consonants and consonant clusters. We are on Phase 5 at the moment and we have learnt lots of the sounds. Go for Phase 5 if you want more of a challenge!


Year 2:

You should choose Phase 5 or challenge yourself with Phase 6. 

Cooking with Miss Newton


Dear Class 2,


Firstly I wanted to thank you all for all your hard work with your baking. Each and every one of you has made me proud. If I was with you I most certainly would give you a marshmallow clap! Perhaps you can give yourselves one and eat your marshmallow after ( Parents this is an imaginary marshmallow!)

This week unfortunately I haven't been able to make a video. My daughter Esme had a very poorly tooth and we have been to the dentist three times! Luckily her tooth is all better now and both Esme and I can get some much needed sleep.

Instead I have added a video below for 3 ingredient Nutella cookies. If you have an allergy to nuts or dairy please use an alternative ingredient to Nutella as this isn't suitable. An alternative chocolate spread will work just as well. 

Thank you so much for all the lovely photo's I have been sent. I have loved seeing them and seeing you all smile. 

I hope you have a lovely half term break, take care and stay safe.

Love from 

Miss Newton

3-Ingredient Nutella Cookies Recipe

These 3-ingredient Nutella cookies are very easy to make, you don't need to be an experienced baker to make them and there are taste good. You can prepare th...

Story time with Mrs Pilgrim


Today I am sharing a lovely wintery story as we have had some very wintery weather this week. If you listen carefully near the end of the story you might hear Alice in the background as Mr Pilgrim and Alice arrived back from the shop as I was getting to the end!

Story time with Mrs Pilgrim