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Friday 17th April 2020

Morning all,  

I hope you all had another happy day yesterday and managed to spend some time outside in the lovely sunshine.  The forecast is a bit rainy today and although it looks a little cloudy at the moment (7.30 am), no sign of rain as yet.  My entire day yesterday seemed to consist of shopping, cleaning and cooking (I still joined in with Joe Wicks) but did a manage a short spell in the garden in the evening when Mr Mason got home from work.  I also fitted in having a go at one of the activities I put up on the class page yesterday, the one where you had to draw Gregasaurus.  It really was a bit of an insight into drawing and the artist was very clear with his instructions of how to draw each part and also gave away a few tips on how to create different effects.  I did find drawing the plates on his back a little tricky when they went round the corner of his head, but I persevered and got there in the end.  I haven't coloured mine in yet as I'm quite proud of him as he is in black and white but I might have a go at a coloured one later.  If you drew one, send it in as I would like to see how you got on and share it with the rest of the class too.    If you didn't try then today might be a good day to try if it starts to rain.  Zain and his family made Easter bunnies and chicks this week and they look great - picture in the gallery for you to see - did any of you try one?  If not, today could be the day for that.  There are also another couple of activities you might like to try listed below - a jigsaw online or an Easter maze

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Rabbit jigsaw puzzles on line

Try completing a jigsaw puzzle on your computer or ipad of a rabbit - there's six to choose from.

Easter chick maze

Click the link below to print out a maze - can you help the chick find its mother?