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Wednesday 6th May

Good morning everyone, half way through another week! Well done. 


Today's question, what creepy crawlies or animals are you scared of? 


Morning Job


Look at these, have a go at making your own.

Cress Heads



Today is phonics - 



Year 1s and Year 2s are all doing the same thing in maths today! We are all going to experiment with measuring and comparing capacity. Click on the link below to the BBC bitesize website. Watch the little video and then have a go at each of the activities. This will help you to understand how to compare capacity.


Now we’re going to do some capacity investigating. I would like you to go around your house and gather lots of different containers. Make sure you check with your grown up what you are allowed to use! Try to find some tall, thin containers and some short, wide containers. You could use bottles, cups, tubs, trays or anything else you can find! First, have a careful look at each container and try putting them in order from smallest to greatest capacity. Remember, capacity means how much a container can hold inside. Now investigate! Fill up the container you think is the largest with water. Then try pouring the water from this container into the next container. What do you think will happen? Will all of the water fit in the new container? What happened when you tried it out? Did it overflow? Try this with all of your containers. Do you need to change the order of containers? 

I did this activity with Finley in the bath as I knew it might get a bit wet and messy! If it’s a nice warm day, you might like to do it in the garden. Ask your grown up to take some photos of you doing this activity to send to me!



Today I am super excited, because your activity is building a den! It can be inside the house or in the garden. Use whatever you are allowed and make a den. You might need some grown up help to make sure it doesn't collapse. 

I don't think we would have been able to do this activity in school, as a class, so it's a good thing you are at home!


Think about what the den needs to be like so that it keeps you dry from rain coming down, or damp or mud coming up. Think about how strong it needs to be against the wind or things falling on it and how much space you have inside it. 


Have a look at these pictures to give you some ideas.