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Monday 13th April 2020

Good morning everyone. 


I hope you had a lovely Easter yesterday, I wonder if the Easter bunny visited any of you?  He certainly came by our garden which my children were happy to see.  I'm looking out of my window now at just before 7.00 in the morning and the tree branches are swishing around in circles - I think the beautiful weather is having a day off today, but we mustn't grumble because it really has been fabulous hasn't it?  Mr Mason and I got our bikes out yesterday and went for a lovely cycle around local country lanes taking in Shirrell Heath, Swanmore and Soberton - it was so quiet with so few cars around and so much to see in the way of animals in fields (and woofy ones in gardens) and plenty of frothy trees of blossom right now.  My garden has been helping us with the odd meal also and yesterday I pulled up a few parsnips and a couple of leeks to help us along with our Easter lunch. I can't believe the parsnips are still coming, they've had a resurgence of life in the last couple of weeks with new green shoots and leaves surfacing through the soil so that we know where they have been hiding over the winter.


I wonder if any of you joined in with Joe Wicks on Friday - dressed as a frog - I thought he was very funny and boinged along with him, and have you checked out Mr Woolley's latest lego challenge of building a robot - you could be the first one in his gallery for that week.  


Here are a couple of ideas for fun activities today if you want them.

Estimating amounts of actions in 1 minute


Have a go at finding out how long 1 minute actually is and have a go at estimating how many of an action you can do in 1 minute, such as star jumps, frog jumps, running to the end of the garden and back, building a tower of lego etc and then counting how many you actually do.  How will you time your minute - have you got a timer or can you set an ipad or borrow a phone for the timer?  It can be a lot of fun just stopping and starting the timer.  You could just count to 60 if you have no way of timing as 60 seconds is the same as 1 minute.  Depending on what you choose to do for your minute, sometimes 1 minute can be a very long time - have fun!

Making an Easter chick

I thought these Easter chicks below looked very cute, easy to do and very unique - I wonder what your one would like.