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Friday May 1st


Can I write a non-chronological report?

Today you will be writing you fact page about the River Nile. You need to gather the notes you made on Tuesday afternoon about the importance of the River Nile and those you made in your English lessons on Wednesday and Thursday. It would be helpful to refer to the features of non-chronological reports to help you.

Spend the whole lesson writing your information page. Remember to include a title and organise the information into paragraphs with sub-headings. If you can, add a 'Did you know?' box and you could include pictures or diagrams.


Please send me your work. It can be typed or handwritten and photographed. I look forward to seeing your work today. Remember to look in the gallery as I will add any work you send me there.


Friday maths again! Choose which level to do. Yellow are the easier questions, and blue are the most challenging. The answers are saved on the second page, so when you have done all you can, remember to mark your work and make corrections if you can.  

PS I hope there are no mistakes on the answers, but if there are, I will blame Elliot as I asked him to work them all out for me!!!) yes


Ask someone to test you on your spelling sentences.

Here are the words for this week's test:


She is jealous of her famous brother who acts in various shows.

A courageous explorer hiked through the mountainous area.

When she exercised too vigorously, she got a serious injury.


We will continue to work on words with the suffix ous next week. Here are your sentences for next week:

Read out your sentences. Find the words ending in ous. Think about what the root words are for these. 


It is obvious that eating poisonous plants is dangerous.

The Egyptians built enormous pyramids in various places in Egypt.

One glorious day, an adventurous hiker went on a perilous journey.




Go to the Dave's sport and active learning page and do the activity from his latest video. This week you will be working on athletics skills so there are running, jumping and throwing activities.


If you want to and have made the skittles you could also have a go at the tin can alley activity with your family.


Have you done Dave's star jump  challenge this week? He did 44 in one minute. Can you beat him?