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Tuesday 26th January 2021

Good morning everyone,

it was really nice to see most of you again yesterday on our zoom session and I hope you enjoyed the little games, stories and songs.  It was nice to meet some more pets too!  Big Man Bill the snowman is still sitting in my garden and he hasn't really changed in size.  I'll pop a picture of him on the web page each morning and we can watch what happens to him - we might find he starts to get smaller a little quicker over the next couple of days, we'll have to wait and see, and see if we can work out why.  I hope you completed your weather chart last week and have started another for this week.  There are more charts and weather images stored in the Miscellaneous Resources section of the class 1 web page if you need them.  Winter weather is a very mixed up thing - not all snow by any means.  Anyway have a good day everyone, work hard and play hard too.

Letters and Sounds

Practise singing the Jolly Phonics songs.  Start at 5m 28 secs on the letter j and stop after the digraph ai.

Watch the Alphablocks ai programme.

Now watch Mrs Mason's video introducing the digraph ee.  You will need the following letters to make words with:

f b r p s t w ee


Practise writing one line of the letter r from yesterday (down the robot and up his arm) and then today we are practising the letter n.  Start at Nobby's head and go down Nobby and back up over his net.  DON'T START AT THE BOTTOM. Parents, please put a dot at the top of each n so your child remembers where to start.  Do 2 lines and see if you can do some on your own.  You'll need to print off page 41. 

Number Time

We can start this number time with a story too.  This story is called 'Sidney the Silly Who Only Eats Six'.  Can you believe he won't eat anything unless he has 6 of it - listen to the story and see if you could think of any thing he would eat a different amount of.

Now watch the video below to find out how the number 7 can be shown in different ways on a domino.  Then have a go at making different dominoes that add up to 7.  Could your child record all the different ways they found to make seven by showing the dots on the empty dominoes below.  Give your child 7 dots/counters that they can move around on an empty domino/piece of paper with a line drawn down the middle, to work out all the different ways.  We are watching Growing 6, 7 and 8, Week 1, session 2.  I would really like to see how everyone got on with this activity so please send it over some time in the week with a note of how your child coped with it.  
If you'd like to play normal dominoes with the your family, there are dominoes below that you can print out and use.
What is the weather like today?  Don't forget to fill in your weather chart.

Story Telling - Bug Learns to Dance

First we are going to sing Incy Wincy Spider and then recycle and change it into a new nursery rhyme about a slug!  Then you can listen to Adam or join in with him telling the new recycled story about a beetle that you thought of yesterday - I wonder what your favourite part of the new story was, be ready to draw the favourite part.  


There are many different birds in the world of many different colours and sizes.  Read the story of "Lucky Duck" below and notice how different birds' body parts help them to do different jobs.

Now look and listen carefully to the next video to see how different birds have different shaped and length beaks which enables them to use their beaks in different ways and to catch and eat the different foods they eat.
The story also told us about how the blue tit could hang upside down from a branch using its claws.  Take a look at the film below and find out how different the feet on birds can be and how they are just right for the different lives different birds live.
Have a look outside and see if you can spot birds with different beaks and different feet and see how they help them to live their lives.

Bug Club

Spend a few minutes reading on Bug Club.