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Tuesday 23rd June


Start the lesson by practising your times tables. Then do your first times tables test of the week.


Year 3

Can I  subtract lengths?

Watch the video for your lesson by clicking on this link:


The worksheet, answers and a challenge question are saved below.

Year 4

Can I order amounts of money ?


Go to the website below and watch the video for Week 9 day 2


The worksheet, answers and a challenge are saved below.


Can I plan the content of a brochure?


Open up the school brochure document again. Make a list of all the different sub-headings in it.

What is the purpose of the sub-headings?

Now I would like you to think about the content of your brochure. You will be writing 3 new pages in English lessons this week. 

Plan the content of your 3 pages today.


 I would like you to write your first page then. It can be done on the computer or by hand. If you look at our school brochure, you will see that most pages have more pictures than writing. Remember to "sell" the school by using persuasive vocabulary. You could use pictures from the school brochure, or the ones I have saved or you can draw your own pictures. 

Can I use expanded noun phrases?

Watch the video and read the information about expanded noun phrases by clicking on the link:


Complete Activities 1 and 2


Can I explain food chains?


Click on the bbc bitesize link


Watch the video and read the information about food chains.

 Write a definition of the following words:












Complete the food chain challenges to form a variety of food chains in different habitats.

Complete Activity 1 and the quiz on Activity 2



Return to Dance mat typing by clicking on this link

If you have done this each week, you should be on Level 3 Stage 8 - c and ,