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Monday 1st February

Good Morning Class 2!

Monday spot the difference

Green Group Guided Reading

Green group - log onto Google Classroom for your live Guided Reading session at 1.30pm with Mrs Sothcott. There is a link to the google login page on the main Class 2 remote learning page. See you then!


Here is your Mighty Writing task for today, in case you missed it on Friday:

Today you are going to write the beginning of Hansel and Gretel. Tomorrow you will be editing your writing from today and then writing a bit more. Click on the Power Point below and go through the slides to remind you of the story:
Now click on the picture prompt resource below and use the pictures to help you retell the story verbally. 
Click on the video below to watch me write my first few sentences.

Now it's your turn! I would like you to write for at least 20 minutes. Remember to have your tricky word mat and phonics sound mat in front of you while you write! You can print the template below and write on there, or just write on your own piece of paper from home.

10am Live Teams Assembly with Mr Woolley



Today we are carrying on with thinking about division as grouping. Remember that means if I have a group of objects and I put them into groups, how many groups will I have. For example if I have 15 toy cars and I want to put them in groups of 5, how many groups of toy cars would I have? Why don't you try this one now? Year 2 you might be able to draw a picture of this. Year 1 quickly go and find some things from round your house to try this!


Hopefully you have found out the answer.  Have a look at the below which are pictures of my objects and what I drew to help me work it out.

Here are my 15 objects.


Now I've put them into groups of 5.


Here is my picture and a sentence to go with what I made.


Watch my video to show you how we did division as grouping in school on Friday.

Maths input

Year 1: 

I would like you to carry on working practically today using the cards from Friday which I have put below for you in case you can't find them. Today can you challenge yourself to draw a picture to go with your objects and maybe even write a sentence telling me how many groups there are, just like I did.

Year 2:


Some of you might feel like you need to spend a bit longer working practically, like I said in my video. If you think you need to that's absolutely fine. As an extra challenge though, make sure you draw a picture for each one that you do and have a go at writing the division number sentence like I did in my video. Once you are feeling more confident watch the below video and have a go at the worksheet that goes with it.


Click on the Power Point below. Launch the Power Point and say each of the sounds clearly. Then click on each sound to check if you said the correct sound. Are there any sounds you are unsure of? Make a note of any sounds that you think you need to practice.

Year 1:


We know that the grapheme 'ey' can make an 'ee' sound in words such as 'money' and 'key'. In other words, the 'ey' grapheme can make a 'ai' sound as in 'grey'.

Click on the document below, print it out and cut up the words. Can you sort the words into two piles depending on the pronunciation of the 'ey' grapheme? Watch the video of me doing it and then have a go:

Year 2:


Now have a go at the Phonics Activity Mat below. We are going to start doing these mats every Monday to help you revise the sounds you learnt last year and also practice your blending to read and segmenting to spell skills.


Have you been doing P.E with Joe on a Monday and Wednesday morning? We have been joining in with the children who are in school.  If you didn't have time this morning, click the link below and choose one of his sessions to join in with now:

We have also enjoyed doing Cosmic Kids Yoga. These sessions are great because they combine stories with yoga moves! We did the 'Popcorn the Dolphin' one in school last week and I also did the Trolls one at the weekend. Click the link below and then you can choose your preferred class length, energy level or category. Have fun!
I have put the Hampshire School Games daily challenges on for each day this week again. These are really fun and easy to do! Here is today's:


Find somewhere comfortable to curl up and read a book. You could log onto Bug Club and read one of you books on there or you can read one of your books from home. It doesn't have to be a story book! You might prefer to read a non-fiction book.  Try to read for at least 15 minutes.


Now click below to watch Miss Newton read you a story:

The best birthday present ever.

Cooking with Miss Newton


Hello Everyone,

This week we are going to make Jack and the beanstalk themed cupcakes. Here are things that you will need:

  • 6 Chocolate cupcakes - either shop bought or if you want to make your own there is a recipe for them here Chocolate cupcakes recipe - BBC Food.
  • 4 Oreo or Bourbon Biscuits
  • Chocolate Frosting or Chocolate Buttercream
  • Green Fondant

I look forward to making them with you and seeing what yours will look like. You may be able to do this task more independently and not need too much support from an adult. See how you get on and ask for help if you need it.

Love from 

Miss Newton