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Tuesday 28th September


Year 1

Yesterday we used the symbols < and > to help us compare two groups of objects. Today we are going to order and compare pictures and numbers using the language greatest and smallest. You will need to print off the labels below (or make your own if you prefer) and also the number/picture cards:

Cut up the numeral and picture cards and put the numeral cards to one side for now. Turn the picture cards face down and spread them out. Choose 3 of the cards and turn them over. Can you put them in order from smallest amount to greatest amount, using the labels to help you? Look at my example below.

Now repeat with a different three cards. When you feel confident, you can use the numeral cards instead of the picture cards. Can you order three numbers from smallest to greatest?

Year 2:

Yesterday we used the symbols < > to compare two 2-digit numbers. How did you get on? You can continue with the activity you were doing yesterday if you need a little bit more practice. If you feel confident, have a go at the activity sheet below. You might want to represent the numbers by drawing tens and ones. This might help you to work out which number is the greatest and which is the smallest. Remember, Charlie Crocodile always wants to eat the greatest number!



Re-read The Enormous Turnip. Using the finger puppets below can you retell and act out the story. Once you have had a practice you might like to ask someone at home to video you acting out the story. Have a think about what voices you might use for the different characters. Will you use a different voice to narrate the story?


Enjoy! I look forward to seeing any pictures or videos!



Continue with your phonics booklets from yesterday.  I have attached them again below if this is your first day of home learning.  You might also like to try some of the games on Year 1 you can do phase 2 or the sounds you know from phase 3. Year 2 you can do phase 3 or phase 5. Enjoy!

Year 1:

Click on the link below to practice your sounds:

Year 2:

Click on the Power Points below to practice your sounds and reading tricky words:



For our Art lessons this half term we will be learning all about an artist called Andy Warhol and his style of art. We will then be creating our own art in the style of Andy Warhol. Have you heard of him before? Do you know what style of art he does?


Have a look at the following link which contains facts about him. Then watch the below video about Pop Art. Can you make a fact page to show what you have learnt today?