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Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning Class 1,

A bright and nippy day yesterday - I hope you are all ready and raring to go today.  No dramas to report from yesterday - the most exciting thing I did was plant some cabbages!  Also, I checked under the bantams today and they are down to sitting on 4 eggs now and they originally were sitting on 6 - mmmm, not so good.  Did anyone manage to set off any carrot tops on a growth journey?  I've got some sitting in water and soil and will be interested to see what happens.  We have some more photos come in from different class members, so check out the Gallery - there is fruity maths, a VE Day party and some super pony riding, amongst other things.  We also have another picture and piece of writing for the special item gallery - a lovely black soft dog - have a look. 

Have a good day.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds using the flashcards time challenge.

Now watch the two songs which are all about the word "there".  See if you can write "there" when you've watched them.  
Try reading some words which begin with the consonant clusters br, dr, pr.
Now have a game of Forest Phonics in ICT games - select "sp gr sl fl" button and see how many words you can write correctly.   Click on the snail's back to make a slime trail and hear a word.  You can press on the speaker to hear the word repeated and click on the eyes if you need a sneaky peek. Drag the letters you need into the correct position and press check button.  Get it right and see what happens. Have fun.
If you want to practise some phonics with a teacher, click on the link to Read Write Inc below.  Set 1 is ch, set 2 is ow (snow) and set 3 is ai.

Number Time

Watch the Oak Academy maths video for Week 4, Lesson 4 - exploring place value.

Now try day 4 of the Very Busy Spider maths activities.  It is all about halving and doubling today.  I have put a link to a powerpoint below which explains halving.  

Farm Learning

Watch the farm clips below to see how farm life and machinery has changed over the last 80 years or so.  See if you can think which of the big machines carry out the different farming jobs now.  Also notice how many people used to have to do the different jobs on the farms compared to now.