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Thursday 15th July

Good morning Class 2!


Good morning Class 2,


I hope the rest of your Wednesday was good and you managed to have a rest and relax after a strange start to your school day. I hope you're all ok and managed to find the learning ok yesterday.


Have a good day today. Just do as much work as you are able to do. Don't worry if today you are doing yesterday's learning as yesterday was a funny old day wasn't it!


Join Mrs Sothcott for a story this afternoon at 2pm. Scroll down this page and follow the instructions for how to join our live lesson.


Take care.


Love Mrs Pilgrim x



Today use your planners you made yesterday to have a go at writing your own newspaper report in neat. You have a checklist to use so you can make sure you have included all the newspaper report features that are important.


Here is the template to write on and the checklist in case you can't find it.



We have made you a Maths booklet that you can work through for the next couple of days. This involves a bit of all that we have learnt this year so try and remember what you could do to help yourself - you could draw a picture to help you, or a number line or you find some objects to help you.


Below is a number line and a 100 square you might want to use to help you.



Year 2


You are carrying on with er and est. If you need to look back at the PowerPoint it is saved in yesterday's folder. There is a new activity for you to complete today.

Year 1


Practise our flashcards using the PowerPoint below. Next, using the /o/ words you looked at yesterday can you have a go at writing some sentences? Use the sheet below.

LIVE Story with Mrs Sothcott at 2pm


I would love to read you all a story this afternoon. Log into Google Classroom by following the link on the main Class 2 remote learning page. Click on 'Class 2' and then click the 'Meet link' at the top of the page. Then click 'Join now' at 2pm. Please join with your microphone turned off! I look forward to seeing you then.

I have attached the Google Classroom help sheet below. This explains step-by-step how to log in.



This afternoon why don't you have a go at doing some Cosmic Yoga! Enjoy!





Find a nice quiet spot, snuggle up and do some quiet reading for 15 minutes. Perhaps you could email me and tell me all about what you read. What was it about? Who were the main characters? What did you like? What didn't you like?