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Can I write an adventure story?

Today I would like you to write the last half of your story about the runaway robot cleaner. 

Start by reading your story plan you wrote on Monday. Look at the 3rd section where you thought about the adventure the robot had. Where did it go? Who did it meet? How are you going to make this part of your story exciting?

End your story by describing how the robot ended up stuck in a hedge in the hotel grounds. Was it trying to get home? Did someone try to help it home? 

Don't forget to look at the success criteria from the lesson yesterday.


When you have finished, read through your work carefully.

Does it all make sense? Are there any missing words?

Is it all in the past tense?

Have you remembered a capital letter at the start of every sentence and for any names?

Is there a full stop at the end of each sentence?

If you have used any dialogue, have you used inverted commas?

Look at the spelling you have used. Underline 3 words you think may be incorrect. Look up these words and correct them if necessary.

Finally, can you improve the content of what you have written? Can you add some more detail? An adjective, adverb or better choice of vocabulary?