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Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning Class 1,

Another lovely day is forecast today so another day to get outside if possible.  I wonder how many people splashed around in a paddling pool or had a water fight yesterday??!!  We have another special item from Zain in the special gallery, I wonder if you can guess what it is?  It's definitely been to school a few times.  Take a look to see if you're right.  Also there are some more photos from different people's  home and of writing to look at in our main gallery so do have a peek in there too.  Since lockdown, I spend a few evenings quizzing each week with different friends.  On Tuesdays and Saturdays, I have to write one round for a quiz and we all join together to try and answer each others' rounds.  Yesterday I put together some photos to explain a word - I'll put a couple below and you can see if you can work out the word - remember, say what you see!  Today it's my day in school and I'm going to have to sort out all the stuff we need that is in the library, and put it back into our class as our classroom should have had its deep clean now.  Wish me luck!!!! (I'm not looking forward to it). Have a happy, sunny day.

Here's a message from Mrs Dawson:


Good morning Class 1, wow, you have all been so very busy doing amazing things !  I have been trying to keep fit doing the PE lesson with Joe Wicks every day, have you been joining in ? I hope you are all finding fun ways of staying active.  If it’s nice and sunny, I get outside and play badminton with my son in the garden. I normally lose but it’s fun playing!
The photos in the class 1 gallery have really made me smile, from family VE Day celebrations to ice cakes with flowers (what a great idea), indoor spider webs, super power stories, beautiful drawings, nature walks, writing practice, kite flying and baking. You have all been so busy! It might be a little while before I can see you all again but I’m really enjoying seeing all the photos. 
Take care,
Mrs Dawson

Letters and Sounds

Practise reading your sound cards.

Look at our 3 new words of the week - little, one, do.  Use the "Train Your Brain" game on Phonics Play, Phase 4 words, to help you to recognise the phonetic parts and tricky parts of each word.  You can check out some of the other words we have been learning too if you want to.  

Practise reading some more CCVCC words by playing Odd and Bob on the Phonics Bloom website.  You need to choose Phase 4 and you decide how much you want to challenge yourself from the menus.
If you want to practise phonics with a teacher, click on the Read Write Inc link below.

Number Time

Watch the Oak Academy Maths video wk 5, Wednesday lesson - Investigating Number combinations within 20.

Take a look at the Superworm maths, Wk 5, Day 3 - Counting and timing different activities and making up a rain dance with different amounts of moves.

Nature colour hunt Activity

Have you noticed how colourful it is getting outside now?  Spring time brings longer warmer days which helps flowers to bloom and grow.  Get yourself a piece of card and stick some double sided tape on if you have it, in strips.  If not then arrange normal tape so it is sticky side up by making loops of tape on the card.  Then see if you can go out for a walk with your family and find and collect as many different colours of things growing as possible and stick them to your piece of card.  Don't pick whole flowers, just a petal or a small piece of a plant so it doesn't damage any of the plants.  I wonder how many different variations of colours you can find.  I have put an example below which should give you an idea of what I'm talking about!  Have fun - I wonder which colour you will find the most of.