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Wednesday 15th April

Hi Class Four and happy Wednesday!

I hope you all had a good day yesterday - it was great to have another sunny day after Monday being much colder and more overcast. I went on a beautiful run in the morning, Mrs Pilgrim and Mrs Steele had been telling me that there was a really nice woods just off Chestnut Avenue in Eastleigh which I should go and explore as the bluebells were out. So I went there - I had to keep checking my map so I didn't get lost! But it was worth it as it was a lovely route - I will definitely be doing that one again.

During the day I did a first coat of paint on the kitchen walls and ceiling. Because it's all been plastered, the first coat has to be paint mixed with water. You can imagine how sloppy it is - I got it everywhere, all in my hair and all over my body and clothes! Fortunately I had put down lots of old sheets so I don't think any got onto the kitchen itself!

In the evening, I did my first Zoom meeting, which was a new experience for me. My cousin turned 40 yesterday, so his wife organised a surprise "party"! It was a bit chaotic as there were nearly 30 people on there, but it was so nice to be able to "see" my sister, Dad, cousins and Aunties and Uncles. I think he was very surprised and touched that everyone had made the effort to say hello and sing him happy birthday.

Just a couple reminders:

  • Mrs Soley did send me a message to put up yesterday, but it didn't go up until around 9:30, so if you missed it, go back and have a look as it has some ingredient lists you might want to get for more cooking this week. 
  • If anyone is interested in writing an article for Mrs Kimble to go in the Upham Update about what it's like being in lockdown/the Easter holidays at home, that would be amazing - please send it to me by tomorrow so I can edit and send to her on Friday.

Have a lovely day, enjoy the sun! Love Miss Olver x

Activity 1

Mrs Kimble often runs a SPAG cake party at the end of each term. As she couldn't do one at the end of the Spring term, she has planned one for you to do at home.

First though, you will need to cook some fairy cakes, so here is a nice easy recipe from Mrs Soley (you could cook the cakes even if you don't want to do a little SPAG party!).

Activity 2

SPAG cake party - read through the instructions from Mrs Kimble below and then you can run your own mini SPAG cake party for your family at home. Enjoy!

Here are some pictures from Mrs Kimble for you: