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A message for you

Helping hand !

Hello Class 3,

I hope you had a nice weekend and relaxed a little after all your hard work last week.

On Friday, after doing my morning workout with Joe, I spent nearly all day reading and replying to your letters. It was so lovely to hear about all the things you have been doing at home, both the home learning tasks and lots of other exciting things too!


I feel really proud of you for approaching the home learning with such enthusiasm. It is very different to being in school, but I think many of you are remembering our Positive and Persevere Footsteps. If you haven't done so already, take a look at the gallery I have set up. I hope I have put at least one piece of work there from each of you who sent something. (I didn't put any of your letters there as I know they were for me to read rather than everyone else.)


It's really good to hear so many of you are keeping in touch with each other and finding so many different ways to stay active.


It was Mr Bird's birthday on Friday. There is a picture of him in front of the BBC satellite truck he works on sometimes. He is holding his favourite present! In the evening, we cooked him a birthday meal and had a Facetime 'party' with our lovely friends and family. Megan baked him a cake which was delicious.


Over the weekend, I spent some time catching up with jobs around the house. I cleaned out lots of my kitchen cupboards which was a bit boring but it is so nice now they are all clean and organised! Yesterday, I went shopping for my Mum and Dad and my Grandma (who is 101) as they can't go to the shops at the moment. We drove to their house in Farnham to drop off the shopping. Whilst we were there, it started snowing! We waved at my Grandma through the window and talked to her on the phone. I was pleased to see her looking so well and cheery. It was very odd not going in for a meal with my Mum and Dad like we usually do when we visit.

Later in the afternoon, Elliot and I went for a walk around the fields near to our house. It was so quiet, we only saw a couple of cars on the road and one other person on the whole walk. It made me think about what it might have been like in the past.


Mr Bird cooked a delicious Sunday roast last night, it's my favourite meal of the week. I particularly enjoyed the Yorkshire puddings!


Hope you have a good day today.

Love from Mrs Bird x


Message from Mrs Lambert

Hi everyone! 🙋‍♀️
Hope you’re all still doing well and are keeping busy. 

It’s lovely to see your work on the gallery - I love the colourful RE crowns with all the thoughtful ideas. I have also been reading your lovely emails too - you’ve all been so busy and working so hard - keep it up! 👍 

I had a lovely weekend. I went for a cycle with Mr Lambert on Saturday, we saw lots of lambs in the fields, they were very cute 😊. 
I went for a run on Sunday and walked the dogs - it was quite chilly in the wind! 
🧩 Puzzle update - I finished Waterloo Station on Friday and had a break over the weekend. I have a new one to start today of a thatched cottage In the spring!