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Saturday 4th April

Happy Easter Holidays Class Four!

As it's not going to be a normal Easter holidays for any of us this year, Mrs Soley and I decided that we would put a couple of activities and challenges up here each day which you can do if you want to. You don't have to do them, but they should be fun and might give you something to do whilst you're stuck at home.

It looks like you have been working really hard again this week. I had so many lovely emails with work attached yesterday - some fantastic baking, beautiful artwork and amazing silent writing. There are a few of you I haven't heard from yet, so if you haven't emailed yet this week, please send me an email today to let me know how you are and with some photos of the learning you have been doing.

I have created a cooking gallery and art gallery so that you can see what each other have been up to. I've also added some more rainbows which have been sent to me this week, so go on and have a look.

Yesterday I had another busy day. I walked Flash, ran round Lakeside and did PE with Joe - I don't really have any fancy dress clothes at home, so I wore my beach clothes and imagined I was on a Summer holiday somewhere exotic! I don't know how Joe managed to do it in his spiderman suit, he must have been so hot! Then I spent the rest of the day doing the final bits of unpacking and cleaning in my two bedrooms upstairs. As you know, I moved house in September, and you've probably heard me talking about how grubby and disgusting it was when I moved in. It's what adults like to call a 'project house', it needs a lot of work! But finally the two upstairs bedrooms are completely finished. I'll put some before and after photos up today so you can see the change! Maybe it'll inspire you to buy a project house of your own when you're older, or to offer to help out with some DIY over the holidays. Now that the bedrooms are finished, I've got to start on work downstairs today.

Have a great Saturday.

Love Miss Olver x

Activity 1

You might want to have a go at some cooking today (or later in the week if you don't fancy it today or don't have the ingredients you need). Here is a nice easy recipe from Mrs Soley which sounds really tasty.

Activity 2

I know lots of you enjoy colouring, I do too, I find it very calming and relaxing. You might want to choose one of these Easter eggs to print and colour. If you don't have a printer, you could draw an outline of an egg and create your own patterns on it to colour in.