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Monday 6th July 2020

Morning everybody,

What a lovely sunny and fresh morning it is today.  I've been up since 5 o'clock this morning and planted a load of yellow flowers in my flower bed at home as my daisies have all finished now, and watered a lot of plants as well.  Also, I decided to cycle in as it was such a nice morning so am feeling a little pleased with myself now and arrived just before Mrs Bird and Mrs Miller who had cycled in together and Miss Olver had cycled too but was already here.  Mrs Lambert also cycled in a little later.  So we are all super fit and ready and raring to do Joe Wicks PE in about 20 minutes.  

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds by watching the video below and joining in.

Now practise writing the letters p and k.  They both start in the same way by starting at the top of the letter, going all the way to the bottom and then bouncing back up to carry on the next parts.  So for p, we go down Pete the pirate's plat, back up to the top and go round his face.  For k, we start at the kangaroo's head, go down to his feet, back up halfway and loop round his tail and kick out his feet.  Print out the handwriting sheets to practise on.  You need page 11 for k and page 12 for p.
We are going to practise identifying words with the sp blend at the beginning.  Download the fishing game, cut out the fish, and with an adult, fish out a fish.  Your adult will say each word and you repeat it.  After you have fished each word, put them out in front of you and see if you can find the following words: spots, spin, speed.  Can you write any of those three words by sounding out each one?
Watch the "Where's Spot" story below.  "Spot" starts with the blend sp.  We are going to start making our own "Where's Spot?" book tomorrow.

Number Time

Watch the Monday Oak Academy maths video.  Today it is about adding and taking away using bricks and counting on and back.  

Trying New Things and Coping with Change

Listen to the story below about a koala who only like to stay up high in the tree that he lived in because he felt safe there.  But one day, everything changed.......

Things have changed a lot in the last few months since lockdown started and we may have been a little uncertain about some changes when they first happened, but now they seem fine.  There is a nice picture you can make of the koala character from the book using paint, to remind you to be brave when new things happen, or when there are changes ahead.