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A message for you

Hello Class 3,

I have had a few more messages from some of you which is really nice. I am sorry I made a mistake on the Wednesday  blue multiplication calculation! I should check my work more carefully! However, it is a good reminder that mistakes are an important part of our learning.

So yesterday, I started the day with the Joe Wicks workout. I laughed to myself and wondered how many of you ran up the wall like he did! I also imagined some of you doing the Spiderman sound effects! Then I caught up on a bit of cleaning (not much fun but it has to be done!) Later, I enjoyed reading and replying to the emails you sent. In the afternoon, I went for another sunny walk in the woods with Elliot and Megan. I am enjoying spending more time with them but I really miss seeing you all.

Keep up the good work with your learning at home. From the messages I have had, I think many of you are enjoying this which is great!

Love from Mrs Bird

PS There is a picture of us in the woods, one of Skipper and one of Bosun fast asleep (his favourite activity)

A message from Mrs Lambert


Hello Class 3! 🙋‍♀️

Well, I hope you’ve all been enjoying this sunny weather - my dogs love sunbathing and always try to find the sunniest spot! ☀️

🧩 I started my Waterloo Station jigsaw yesterday and I am struggling 🙁. It’s got two pictures that are almost exactly the same so it’s tricky finding which piece goes in which picture!! 

I hope you all enjoy the RE. Email in your photos when you’ve finished the crown!