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Monday 11th January

Good morning Class Four, here is a little morning message video to start your day.
And some Flash and Fred pictures - my babies!!!


Our School Games Organiser (we have a new one now called Nick) has shared some resources with me to help everyone keep fit and healthy over lockdown. Every day a new short activity will be posted here for you to have a go at. You can do it anytime today. I hope you enjoy the activities.

And... PE with Joe starts back live again today! I'll be joining in at 9am.


Today you are going to be learning about Factors. Start by watching the video below and then work through the worksheet. I’ve attached the answers so you can check your work. Here are a couple of clues to help you with the ‘Get Ready’ section in case you’ve forgotten over the holidays:

  • A multiple is a number which is in the times table of a given number. (9 is a multiple of 3 as it is in the 3 times table)
  • A common multiple is a number which is in both times tables. (6 is a common multiple of 2 and 3 because it is in both the 2 and 3 times tables).
  • Remember that the whole of both sides of an equals sign must be equal, so think about the answer to the whole sum on each side.
If you want some more practice at finding factors of a number, have a go at the 'Factorpus' activity below. The activity is on Page 1 with the answers on Page 2.
Or, if you think you are confident with factors and want an extra challenge, have a go at the reasoning task below. Remember to explain your ideas clearly and to give examples to support your answers.

11am Teams Assembly Live

Mr Woolley is holding a whole school live assembly on Teams at 11am. He has sent the link out on Parent Mail, so ask your parents to find this for you if you want to join in. I will be joining in from home too.


This is the first lesson of our new topic - The Mayan Civilisation. Start by watching the video below which is full of fascinating facts about this civilisation.

Next I'd like you to think of five questions you have about the Mayan Civilisation. What do you really want to find out and learn about them?

Write your questions down. Remember to use question marks!

Now use the Internet to try and find out the answers to your questions. Record these as full sentences.

1.15pm Teams Live

At 1.15pm, you can join our Teams session online. Make sure you've got the facts you found out in your topic session with you, as I'm going to ask everyone to share an interesting fact they have learnt during the meeting. Hopefully this way we will all learn lots more about our new topic.


On Friday, I shared your spelling sentences with you ready for your test this Friday. Hopefully you have already started practising them. I wonder if anyone has already guessed which spelling rule we are learning about this week? 
Work through the Powerpoint below.

Next, I would like you to have a go at the spelling worksheet. There are lots of words which have been spelt incorrectly. See if you can correct them. Some of them link to our current spelling rule, but there are also some -ed, -ing and -ly mistakes so think about the rules we worked on last term. You can use a dictionary to help you if you are unsure.
If you have time left, practise your spelling sentences ready for your test and have a go at the spelling wordsearch.