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Monday 22nd June

Good morning Class 2! Thank you for all of your emails last week. I very much enjoyed seeing all of your excellent work. I have been so impressed with how hard you are all working at home! 

Love Mrs Sothcott


English: Mighty Writing

This painting by Lowry is called Fun Fair at Daisy Nook and was painted in the 1950s. 


You are going to write an advertisement to sell the painting. Look at it carefully, did you use the planning sheet I put on the website on Friday of last week? 


Do you like the painting? Which is your favourite part of it? 


Adverts often exaggerate how amazing something is so that people will really want to buy it. You will need to do the same. 

Look at my example, 

I really enjoyed using the different fonts and colours for my writing. You can choose to write in paragraphs, or bullet points, but you need to make sure people want to buy the painting. It is very expensive, so your advertising needs to make people love the painting so much they don't mind how much it costs. 


Yr 1 try to write a minimum of three sentences, using three words or phrases from the word bank


Yr 2  try to write a minimum of six sentences, using six words or phrases from the word bank


Use the planning sheet, my example and the word bank to help you. There isn't a separate sheet for Yr 1s this week. 



Year 1:

Last week we were learning how to use arrays to help us solve multiplication problems. We found this very tricky in school! How did you get on? 

Today we are going to learn about doubling numbers. Then, later in the week we will move onto division. Hopefully all you have learnt about multiplication will help you!

You will need to use some apparatus such as beads, counters or pasta to help you with your doubling today. 

Year 2:

This week we are moving onto learning something completely new: statistics. We are starting today with learning how to use tally charts to collect data. Watch the video first and then have a go at the worksheet.

Now you know how to use tally charts, try making one of your own. You could ask your family and friends what their favourite fruit is out of the following: apple, banana, orange. You could choose your own categories if you like! 


We have been looking carefully at the artist LS Lowry and some of his paintings. Last week we learnt about colour and how Lowry used it in his paintings.  Today we are going to learn about something called perspective. Click on the PowerPoint below. It explains what perspective is and how it is used in art.  Follow the instructions to paint your own background. If you don’t have paints at home, you could try doing the activity with coloured pencils.