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WOW cards

What have we been up to?

What have we been up to? 1 super surfing
What have we been up to? 2 Enjoying sleeping in the horsebox at night!!!
What have we been up to? 3 fun in the sun at the beach
What have we been up to? 4 moving a baby blue-tit to safety
What have we been up to? 5 It really is quite remarkable
What have we been up to? 6 Spotting a mare and her new born foal
What have we been up to? 7 Having fun creating a dinosaur freize
What have we been up to? 8 Lots of careful dinosaur writing
What have we been up to? 9 Lots of carefully drawn dinosaur pictures
What have we been up to? 10 Super sheep drawing Jack and Mum
What have we been up to? 11 Chloe the caterpillar finally changed into a moth
What have we been up to? 12 So much growing in the garden
What have we been up to? 13 Esther's doubling caterpillar work
What have we been up to? 14 Having fun feeding the ducks
What have we been up to? 15 Jack's silly sentence about pigs that go pop!
What have we been up to? 16 Jack's Sonic drawing
What have we been up to? 17 Great egg transporters
What have we been up to? 18 Jack's writing practice
What have we been up to? 19 You can't beat a slide into a paddling pool!
What have we been up to? 20 VE Day celebrations
What have we been up to? 21 Street party VE Day celebrations
What have we been up to? 22 Water slide skidder!
What have we been up to? 23 Having fun with the vowel owls
What have we been up to? 24 A cooler day at the beach, but good to get out.
Picture 1 A rainbow for his family and the government!
Picture 2 Charlie's silly tweeting start sentence
Picture 3 Much tooth fairy excitement for first lost tooth
Picture 4 Paige's silly sentence about a spoon in slippers!
Picture 5 A letter from the Tooth Fairy - how special
Picture 6 First tooth ever to fall out!
Picture 7 VE Day celebrations
Picture 8 what a lot of silly sentences written by Hugo.
Picture 9 Telling the time is tricky, well done Hugo
Picture 10 some great calculating by Hugo
Picture 11 A moth landed on Emi's foot!
Picture 12 Setting off on a 3 mile cycle
Picture 13
Picture 14 Growing seeds at home
Picture 15 Emi's diary entry about a lovely day out
Picture 16 Spinning a spider's web throughout the whole house
Picture 17 Happy to see the cows again on a walk
Picture 18 Some of Charlie's super spider work
Picture 19 Nicole's beautifully drawn flock of sheep
Picture 20 A VE Day tea party celebration
Picture 21 VE Day decorators
Picture 22 In full control of Prince the pony
Picture 23 busy making a little red tractor
Picture 24 Ethan helped to make Batman
Picture 25 Learning words on a blackboard watched by the dog!
Picture 26 Ethan has been spotting meteorite showers at night
Picture 27 enjoying a bit of fruity maths
Picture 28 Ethan baked some delicious cakes
Picture 29 Hugo's card picture to his buddy
Picture 30 Hugo's message to his buddy in his card
Picture 31 A lovely ice cake of flowers gathered on a walk
Picture 32 Hugo is proud of his tractor
Picture 33 This spiky caterpillar fell out a tree!
Picture 34 Making a quarry for the diggers
Picture 35 Learning at home in his school uniform!
Picture 36 potato printing pattern making
Picture 37 Emi - favourite holiday activity
Picture 38 getting outside to learn
Picture 39 Esther's veggie chat
Picture 40 Emi - independent news writing
Picture 41 Lots of fun drawing on walls
Picture 42 Esther's thoughts on egg farming
Picture 43 seeing cows and their calves
Picture 44 Charlie's Super Pineapple speech bubble
Picture 45 Hugo - How many pairs
Picture 46 Jack Super Apple powers
Picture 47 Hugo - egg information
Picture 48 Harvesting silage in real life!
Picture 49 Super Carrot powers
Picture 50 Super Apple models
Picture 51 Jack's farm picture
Picture 52 Theo's dinosaur world
Picture 53 Jack's favourite Easter activity writing
Picture 54
Picture 55 Theo's favourite activity writing.
Picture 56 Paige’s lovely picture
Picture 57 Looking good riding on two wheels
Picture 58 Word and sentence practice - Paige
Picture 59 Planting tomato and pepper seeds
Picture 60 Setting up a hot wheels track in the garden
Picture 61 Nicole's ice lolly writing
Picture 62 Charlie's Easter activities writing
Picture 63 First time of ever flying a kite
Picture 64 Violet's ladybird and lion decorated eggs
Picture 65 A very smart Easter bonnet
Picture 66 Nicole's snowflake full of shapes
Picture 67 Having fun on an Easter hunt
Picture 68 Nicole's carrot, sunflower and lettuce seedlings
Picture 69
Picture 1 look at this evil pea trap
Picture 2 Zain - favourite activity writing
Picture 3 Hugo - finding change maths
Picture 4 cut and stick farm animals
Picture 5 Hugo's Easter activities writing
Picture 6 Very careful counting
Picture 7 Esther's evil pea trap
Picture 8 Did you know she could ride a motorbike?
Picture 9 Great ow practise writing Theo
Picture 10 Esther's cocoon
Picture 11 Esthers favourite activity writing
Picture 12 Super learning
Picture 13 growing a lettuce from seed
Picture 14 How many biscuits can you make a tower with?
Picture 15 Camping is such fun
Picture 16 Charlie's map and super instructions
Picture 17 sitting on a very nice classroom mat
Picture 18 Beautiful Easter garden with a rainbow twist
Picture 19 admiring the lovely bluebells
Picture 20 a splendid junk model pirate ship
Picture 21 Nicole's carrot writing
Picture 22 sensational cycling
Picture 23 Helpfully moving heavy objects around
Picture 24 Happiness is wheels and a dog!
Picture 25 Super cake baking
Picture 26 Dress up Friday PE with Joe
Picture 27 A lovely walk in the bluebells
Picture 28 Sisterly love
Picture 29 Jack's fantastic Easter garden
Picture 30 Jack helped to dig this wallow to cool his pig!
Picture 31 Jack's bird feeder
Picture 32 Zain's family's Easter bunnies and chicks
Picture 33 making and painting a camouflage bird box
Picture 34 delicious Easter nests
Picture 35 out exploring
Picture 36 Fabulous Easter garden
Picture 37 Esther's map instructions
Picture 38 Esther's map
Picture 39 bug hunting
Picture 40 bugs up close
Picture 41 Thumbs up for baking cakes
Picture 42 Helping out with machines
Picture 43 Jack - writing out sounds
Picture 44 A pony and a tiger!!!
Picture 45 Theo - map
Picture 46 Theo - colourful iguana and clay lizards
Picture 47 Theo - map instructions
Picture 48 Charlie - Going on a crocodile hunt
Picture 49 Charlie - venus fly trap writing
Picture 50 Easter garden
Picture 51 Counting ladybird spots
Picture 52 A big, bright egg
Picture 53 learning tricky words
Picture 54 Gardening
Picture 55 Playing tricky word bingo
Picture 56 Identifying initial sounds
Picture 57 Zain - the bear is going on a honey hunt
Picture 58 Zain - the bear is going on a honey hunt
Picture 59 Zain - the bear is going on a honey hunt
Picture 60 Emi - I'm going on a unicorn hunt
Picture 61 Emi - counting lady bird spots
Picture 62 Zain - tricky word practise
Picture 63 Zain - adding ladybird spots
Picture 64 Fantastic Elmer!
Picture 65 Some great feather identification follow a walk
Picture 66 Practising digraphs by singing the songs
Picture 67 Charlie - Collect and Count hunt
Picture 68 Jack - spring walk
Picture 69 Jack - pancake characters
Picture 70 Esther - We're going on a tiger hunt
Picture 71 Esther -We're going on a tiger hunt
Picture 72 Esther - learning about Adam and Eve
Picture 73 Nicole - Easter cards
Picture 74 Hugo - sorting animals
Picture 75 Theo - lego tiger
Picture 76 Theo - we are going on a bird hunt
Picture 77 Emi's egg