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Thursday 7th May 2020

Morning everyone,

Another beautiful day ahead.  I'm off to school today, so back on my bike!  I managed to sort out the technical hitches with the VE Day stuff on tomorrow's tab.  There's a film and an Early Years powerpoint that tries to explain things and some colouring and a make a paper spitfire there if you want any of it. No lessons!!!! (there's always the Hungry Caterpillar lesson and the Read Write Inc lessons for Friday if you want them - just click on today's links for those).  Mr Woolley has also put some bits and bobs on VE Day in his Assembly Ideas section of the website -there's a Horrible Histories song amongst other things. Talking of  Mr Woolley, he has put another lego challenge up - to build the most amazing way to come to school - he has made a stegosaurus with a futuristic hover board attached to its tail to travel on!!! I would never have come up with something like that - I'd have been happy with a car, or even just a long piece of lego!!!  I had a really happy day yesterday, getting things done at home and in the garden and I made a pie for tea too!!  Not sure why I wanted to make a pie but I did one and I was very pleased with it, and there was left over pastry for some jam tarts too - yum.  Then I finished off the evening playing my ukulele with the Winchester Uke Jam on YouTube for an hour and a half!  Anyway, I hope you can all have a relaxing few days at home over the bank holiday - if anyone manages a street party in their back garden, I would be very interested in seeing pictures!.  Do send photos of what you've been up to and any work/activities that you are proud of  when you get a spare mo.  I wonder if anyone actually made a lockdown tree???? I'd love to see it if you did. 


Have a lovely few days.


Letters and Sounds

Click on the Phonics Play link below (user name march20, password home) and practise phase 3 sounds using the game Speed Trials.

Watch the vowel song to remind yourself of what vowels are.  Sometimes the letter y is used to make a vowel song like in the words my and by.

Read the words come, some, have, like, are, all, they, said.  Can you write the sentence "They are all in the box said Tom".


Play Poop Deck Pirates with cvcc words.
Print out one of the picture sheets and either write the word under the picture or cut and stick the letters under the picture.  Choose the sheet you like the pictures of the most.
Make another message for your lockdown memory.  Can you think of something that you are grateful for that has happened as a result of the lockdown?  My message would be "I am grateful for all the doctors and nurses who helping people who are ill".  Don't forget to have word and letter mats with you to help.
If you want to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on the Read Write Inc link below.

Number Time

Play the Week 3, Lesson 5 Oak Academy maths video - Investigating number combinations within 20.

Now try Day 4 of the Very Hungry Caterpillar maths activities.  This is all about halving and sharing picnic food.

Farm Activities

Use the powerpoint below to undertake a farm quiz.  See how many clues you need to identify each farm animal.

Have a go at the roll the dice adding activity and see who can colour in the most farm activities.