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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Good morning everybody

Another good day forecast today.  I'm thinking I might cycle into school again today.  We had a look at our womery at school again yesterday and some of the lettuce had definitely been eaten from the top and so had the grape!  Mrs Miller and I were quite excited to see a worm halfway down the bottle when we took the black paper off, but by the time we showed the first child in the class, the worm had slithered into the middle of the soil and the middle of the bottle and we couldn't see it at all.  I wonder if any of you have managed to see worms in your wormeries.  Today is going to be a ladybird day for us at school and we'll get outside in the afternoon, after we've watched the mini films, to see if we can find any.  Happy bug hunting everyone.



Letters and Sounds

Practise some of your digraphs by singing along to a few of the Jolly Phonics songs.

Put the tricky word song on below and if you are starting to become more familiar with these words now, try and write them down as you go.  If you are still unsure, just watch and join in with the song.  Then when the song has finished, see how many you can read from your own tricky words sent home with you.
Play Tell A T-Rex on ICT Games.  This is all about answering questions with a yes or a no.  Choose a sound that you would like to practise a bit more or cvcc words.  If you would like easier to read questions, choose cvc words.

Please send over your completed book when it is finished at the end of the week.

We are now going to make the first page of our book.   If you remember the Princess and the Wizard story, the princess turned herself into different coloured things on each day of the week to try and escape from the wizard.  You're going to do a similar thing with your character but you can choose what colour and choose what item your character turns into.  So get another piece of A4 paper fold it in half, this is going to be the story part of your book which will ultimately go inside your front cover.  Then draw a line horizontally across the first page and draw 2/3 lines to write on at the top of the page and 2/3 lines to write on below the line.  We are going to write a sentence for Monday and Tuesday of what your character turned into.  So choose a colour and have a little think of different things that are that colour, such as green cabbages or grass hoppers etc.    You can use my sentence to help you with spellings and spacings and fill in the day of the week and the last few words of the sentence.  I will put a list of days of the week and colour words to help you below.  Try to use a capital letter for your first word in your sentence and the day of the week and see if you can remember a full-stop at the end too.  Have a look at my example below. he/she/it turned into a ......colour.............................   .............object........................

Number Time


Now have a go at the Day 2 activities for the Princess and the Wizard.  Can you make 7 challenges, or a book like the wizard's which counts up to different amounts, and then have a game of musical statues - I wonder what number you can count up to before your wobble?!

Minibeast Activities

Yesterday we learnt how to identify insects, so let's find out a bit more about different insects over the next few days.  Today we are going to see what we can learn about ladybirds, which are a type of insect.  Watch the clips below and see what new things you find out.  Then have a go at completing the cut and stick life cycle of the ladybird.  To watch the 5 minute episode of Minibeasts with Jess about ladybirds, you need to forward to 10 minutes and 43 seconds to be in the right place.

Now see if you can complete the life cycle of a ladybird using the sheets below.  You only need to print out sheets 3 and 4.
If you want to hear a story about a very lazy ladybird, click on the link below.