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Thursday 2nd July 2020

Good morning Class 1.

It’s Mrs Miller again. I hope you are enjoying learning all about insects. I have been having fun looking for bugs under rocks and logs in school with the children here and so I told my mum and dad to have a look in their garden too. Do you know what they found when they moved a plant pot? They found a visiting toad! They sent me a photo so I could show you. I wonder if he was playing hide and seek? Have a good day xx

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds using Grab a Giggling Grapheme


Now practise reading the set of tricky words that you find the trickiest.  If you can read all of them instantly now without any trouble, choose one to learn to spell.
Watch the video below to remind ourselves of the letters that are the vowels.

We are going to be practising reading and recognising the fr blend today.  Before we do, have a go at writing the words below.  They are in sets of two, the first word has 3 sounds and then second one has an extra sound before the vowel.  Have your sound mat out to help you.




Listen to this short story about a frog.  When you hear a word starting with the blend fr, touch your nose!


Freddie is a friendly frog.  Freddie is going to a friend's house on Friday.  Freddie wants to buy treats for his friends.  Freddie buys fresh eggs and fries.  Freddie buys a fruit cake and fresh apples.  Freddie buys a fruit smoothie and a fresh fruit pie.  Freddies feels ready for Friday and is looking forward to seeing his friend.

Now have a go at the roll and read "fr" game and see if you can beat your adult.  Have fun.
If you would like to practise your phonics with at teacher, click on one of the links below:
Now have a go at the Oliver's Vegetables maths activities - try counting and labeling different amounts of fruit and vegetables.

Minibeast Activities

Now it's time to write the third clue for your minibeast brain teaser.  Today you can write about what they look like.  So you could write something about their colour, whether they have wings, how many legs they have, if they have spots or a pattern.  So you might write something like "I have 8 long, black legs" or "I am an insect and I have lots of spots", or "I have 2 sets of wings with bright colours".  You decide.  Have your sound mat next to you to help you with your letter sounds.  Remember, decide with your adult what you want to say, say your sentence out loud a few times, and then write your words down one at a time, sounding out as you go.  


Today we are going to be learning about dragonflies which also live near to ponds and water.  Watch Jess to find out more.  We never made it to the pond yesterday at school so we are definitely going today.  Maybe if you didn't make it to a pond yesterday, perhaps you could go and see what is alive in a pond near you.  Ask your adult and be very careful to stay safe near the edge.  

Have a listen to the story "Are you a Dragonfly?".