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Monday 22nd June 2020

Good morning everybody,

It's looking like a beautiful day ahead of us today.

I had a really nice weekend this week where I really did please myself the whole weekend.  My children cooked their dad a big fry-up yesterday for his Father's Day breakfast which got the day off to a good start and then we spent a few hours with my sister out on our bikes.  We did the same large bike ride we did a few weeks ago where we cycled all around Southsea in Portsmouth which took us about 2 hours.  It was really nice being able to cycle safely away from traffic for a large part of the ride and on designated cycle lanes if we had to ride on a road.  Lots of the promenade is still closed to traffic on the Southsea sea front so it was great to be able to ride along and look at the sea without worrying about cars. I must say that there were many more people around than the last time we went, but there is plenty of room on the beach and the Common for that not to be a problem.  In the evening we headed back to the beach, but this time at Lee-On-Solent, and headed for the chip shop again to have fish and chips at the beach so we didn't have to cook on Father's Day.  I must say it was really blowy and the sea looked quite rough so we stayed in the car and parked on the seafront to eat them.  We also brought some home for my mum and she found that the chip shop had given her an extra portion of fish and chips with hers which she then gave to her 85 year old next door neighbour who was very pleased!  I wonder if any of you made it to the coast at the weekend or are maybe planning to this week.  Enjoy your day everyone.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your letter sounds using the Phase 3 grab a giggling grapheme game.

Today we are going to recap the digraph th.  Remember this has two sounds, the soft th sound as in 'thing' and the hard th sound as in 'then'.  Watch the Alphablocks video below to remind yourself.

Today, I want us to think about the hard "th" sound where the sound "th" makes your tongue buzz as you say it.  It is also a time when you are aloud to stick your tongue out!  Have a practise at saying "th", can you feel your tongue buzzing and feeling a bit tickly?  Now sound out the following words with your adult: then, this, that, them, those, there, with, weather, feather.  Now try writing the following 4 words - sound them out with your adult and then write each sound down to make the word: that, then, this, with.

Can you remember our tricky word the?  Watch the "the" tricky word song with Tricky Tracey.

Now let's use the word "the" in a sentence.  Try writing the following sentence,:

The pig sat in the mud.

Now play Obb and Bob on Phonics Play.  Choose phase 3 and select "th".  Have fun.
If you want to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on one of the links below.

Number Time

Watch the Oak Academy Monday maths video.  Today it is about using the language of more and fewer and there is quite a tricky challenge to work out.

This week's story for number work is Zog.  Click on the link to hear the story read and there is also another link to watch half hour film of Zog too.
Have a go at the day 1 Zog activities.  You can make your own rainbow pattern with 7 colours and explain the zog patterns.  Make sure you use accurate words to describe your zog patterns.

How are you feeling today?

Click on the Oak Academy video below to hear a story about a monster who changes colour according to how he is feeling.  You can then have a little think about how you are feeling today and the things that you have seen or done that have made you feel that way. I hope you're feeling bright and cheery. Then you can have fun making your own colour monster using a toilet roll tube.  Enjoy!